Earth Networks Selected to Protect Argentina’s Air Space and Airport Operations

  • Nov 27, 2018

Argentine Civil Aviation Authority (EANA) to benefit from severe weather early warning, lightning detection, and data services

Germantown, MD – November 27, 2018 – Earth Networks today announced it was selected to provide lightning detection, severe weather early warning services and airport alerting to Empresa Argentina de Navegación Aérea (EANA), Argentina’s Civil Aviation Authority. The announcement was made ahead of the G20 Leader’s Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Earth Networks regional partner, Mardet S.R.L finalized the contract with the agency to provide a lightning detection network, which will be used by airport control center operators to issue alerts on severe weather and lightning threats that have the potential to affect operations, ground crews, fueling, and aircraft.

With 5 regional control centers, 47 aerodromes and airports and a vast airspace, EANA needed to find the best source of severe weather information. In addition to providing real-time lightning monitoring and weather information for 26 of EANA’s airports, the deployment of an additional 50 lightning sensors will enable audible and visual outdoor lightning proximity alerting at 8 of Argentina’s main airports in central and northern Argentina.

“Since taking over full control of Argentine airspace two years ago, we have made the safety of our operations, crew and passengers our top priority,” said Daniel Antonio Cortés, Head of Meteorology at EANA. “Earth Networks and Mardet are solving our most complex weather challenges with lightning-derived data and have already shown their commitment with a fast implementation including onsite training and support.”

Jim Anderson, Senior Vice President, Global Sales at Earth Networks said, “We are delighted to contribute the weather expertise, tools and technologies that will greatly enhance safety and operational effectiveness in the region, bolstering EANA and Argentina’s position within the global aviation industry.  We’re proud to successfully implement this service on an accelerated schedule in advance of the G20 Summit during the height of the severe weather season.”

“This partnership with Earth Networks is an example of how we can work together to open up countless new opportunities to provide critical weather data to the aviation sector and other industries in Argentina and beyond,” added Ruben Cababie, CEO of Mardet S.R.L. “We are thrilled to be able to expand our network, and align with a partner that shares that priority.”

With the new technology in place, EANA will have access to an advanced suite of weather alerting and tracking tools from Earth Networks, including:

Total Lightning Detection Network

Operating over 1,700 sensors across 90 countries, Earth Networks Total Lightning Network is the most advanced lightning network in the world. Its ability to comprehensively monitor in-cloud lightning, in addition to cloud-to-ground lightning enables faster localized storm alerts so forecasters can warn of other forms of severe weather such as downbursts, heavy rains, and high winds. Lightning detection and cell tracking enables the creation of faster severe weather alerts, lightning-derived radar alternatives and excellent storm visualization.

Instant Visible and Audible Lightning Alerts with Outdoor Alerting Solution (OAS)

Earth Networks OAS is the first commercially available outdoor mass notification system to be integrated with Earth Networks industry-leading lightning detection technology – representing a new generation in omni-directional siren and alerting systems.

When lightning is detected within a pre-defined radius around a facility, a horn will sound and a strobe light will activate, alerting stakeholders and key personnel that it is time to take shelter in preparation for incoming dangerous weather. The OAS system can also be programmed to provide an “all clear” signal once an alert has been deactivated and inclement weather has passed.

Real-time Weather Visualization and Alerting with Sferic Maps and Sferic Mobile 

Sferic Maps and its companion app Sferic Mobile provide emergency managers, airport crews, facility managers and operations centers with web-based access to the industry’s best weather detection technologies. Only Sferic Maps shows live radar together with lightning flashes detected by the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®—the first to comprehensively capture both cloud-to-ground and in-cloud lightning.

Faster Severe Weather Notifications with Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts

Exclusive to Earth Networks, Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTA) provide advanced notification of the potential for severe weather, including lightning strikes, heavy rain, hail, strong winds and increased threat of tornadic activity.

High rates of in-cloud lightning serve as precursory indicators of the potential for severe weather activity. By tracking increasing in-cloud lightning rates and issuing these alerts, Earth Networks can give advanced notice of severe weather potential by up to 30 minutes, delivered via mobile devices and email. 

A Unique Alternative to Radar: PulseRad

While radar has proven an invaluable tool in weather forecasting, alerting and research, many areas of the world lack the financial resources and technical expertise to deploy, operate and maintain a radar solution.

PulseRad—the first practical radar alternative capable of coverage on a national and continental scale—visually resembles radar, is designed to provide similar benefits as radar at a lower cost, updates faster than radar, and can be accessed directly in Earth Networks’ Sferic Maps weather visualization dashboard.

While traditional radar is limited in coverage to less than 300 miles from land-based radar sites, PulseRad is also able to detect storms over oceans, near islands and within mountainous regions, providing crucial information not captured by traditional radar.

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