Lightning in Tougue Prefecture Injures 13

  • Jun 19, 2014

19 June 2014 Guinea News has reported that a severe storm cell has caused 13 lightning-related injuries in Konah, a sub prefecture of Tougue. The storm began Thursday afternoon around 1200UTC with In-Cloud lightning to the East. The first Earth Networks Dangerous Thunderstorm Alert was issued in the area at 1300 and severe storm activity continued to roll through in waves until 1600.


At approximately 1530, Konah experienced heavy In-Cloud and Cloud-Ground lightning strikes. CG strikes in a crowded market area reportedly caused 13 people to fall into a coma. Shortly after being treated for shock and minor burns, three people remained in critical condition. All patients were released from the hospital the following day.


There were no fatalities during the storm. Few structures in the area were damaged, and around 40 phones were fried due to electrical charges during  the storm.