Lightning Safety Awareness Live Video Series: How to be Safe

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week 2018 ran from Sunday, June 24, 2018 to Saturday, June 30.

The Lightning Safety Council started this important awareness week back in 2001 to bring attention to the dangers of thunderstorms. Here at Earth Networks, we work hard every day to help promote lightning safety. We do this through our global Total Lightning Network and various safety tools, like our Outdoor Alerting System.

Last year, we started highlighting lightning safety even more with a series of free, informational Facebook Live videos. Throughout the week, we presented one live video per weekday based on the daily themes outlined by the National Lightning Safety Council.

Keep reading below to check out the videos, what the schedule was like, and to see what presentations matter most to you and your operations. Then, head over to our Facebook page and give us a like so you’ll be aware next time we go live for an important weather-related cause!

The Earth Networks National Lightning Safety Awareness Week 2018 Facebook Live Schedule

Monday, June 25th: The Science of Thunderstorms and Lightning Safety

2 PM ET The first step towards staying safe from lightning is learning more about it. Join our lightning scientists for this live video and learn more about the science behind lightning strikes. Learn why and how they happen and bring your toughest lightning questions for our scientists to answer.

Tuesday, June 26th: Lightning Safety Outdoors

2 PM ET You’ve probably heard the saying: “When thunder roars, go indoors!” but there is a lot more to lightning safety than that. During this video, we’ll discuss what you should do when a thunderstorm approaches. Our team will also go through the best practices when it comes to protecting your friends, family, and business from lightning.

Wednesday, June 27th: Lightning Safety Indoors & Protecting Your Home or Business from Lightning

2 PM ET Believe it or not, you are in danger of lightning injuries even when you are in a lightning-safe building. Join us for this live video to learn about the different ways lightning can travel through items like corded phones and computers. We’ll also discuss how to protect buildings from lightning strikes.

Thursday, June 28th: Medical Effects on Lightning Victims

2 PM ET Lightning strikes can create enduring lifelong discomfort. Burns, migraines, and brain injuries are just some unfortunate medical effects that plague lightning strike survivors.

Friday, June 29th: Lightning Safety For Sports Fields, Parks, Golf Courses & Outdoor Activities | Lightning Alert Systems

2 PM ET Did you know that most people struck by lightning in the U.S. were struck while enjoying outdoor leisure and recreation activities? During this important stream, our sports safety experts will talk about when activities should be stopped, resumed, and what to do in the case someone is struck by lightning.

Why Watch?

We highly recommend watching these short, 5-10 minute videos before you start any outdoor summer activities so you know what to do to prepare for lightning and other weather-related threats. Please don’t forget to share lightning safety messages as spring brings warmer, stormy weather to the U.S.

From everyone here at Earth Networks, we wish you a safe and fun 2019. If you own or work at an outdoor recreation facility and are in need of a lightning safety upgrade, please feel free to reach out to our team of experts.

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