Severe Storms Track From Mamou into Kindia

  • Apr 23, 2014

23 April 2014, 18:30 UTC: Meteorologitsts monitored strong thunderstorms which developed on Wednesday afternoon in the Mamou highlands and plodded westward into Kindia by early evening. The Guinea Meteorological Directorate used simulated PulseRad radar powered by the countrie’s total lightning network to track the powerful storms.


PulseRad shows strong storms
Simulated radar showed strong storms in the hill country of Kindia producing very heavy rain, frequent lightning and gusty winds.

These storms had produced 25 – 50 mm of rainfall across the region in rainfall rates that exceeded 2″/hour at times.


PulseRad Rainfall Totals
Simulated radar allows for rainfall to be estimated based on the frequency of the lightning being detected. PulseRad showed 1-2″ of total rain had fallen in 2-3 hours.

The storms with frequent lightning and heavy rain were also likely producing gusty winds as the moved through the hill country of Kindia toward the city of Fria. Also, the lightning intesity that was measured in the storm caused Dangerous Thunderstorm alerts to be issued for two of the more potent areas of storms.


Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts
Frequent lightning caused Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (purple polygons) to be issued for the threatening storms.

These storms are forecast to continue to slowly move west over the next several hours but will weaken as they approach the coast.