Songs About The Sun | Music Monday Playlist

  • Sep 18, 2017

The Best Monday Song Playlist

Here at Earth Networks, we prioritize helping organizations and governments mitigate weather-related financial, operational, and human risk. However, we worry about more than our real time weather tracker products and severe weather events. Like most professionals, we also worry about a risk that rolls around at the beginning of every work week: Monday.

Monday’s can be tough, so we pulled together a great playlist with songs about the sun to brighten up your week.

Songs About the Sun

There are plenty of songs about the sun, but which ones are the best? We’re highlighting a few of handpicked songs from our Spotify playlist here on our blog. Let’s get started!

1. House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals

This first song is a great one to start your week with. It’s driving rhythm guitar and mournful lyrical tone reminds us a lot of how we feel on Monday mornings. Like the cymbals in this song, you just have to get started on Monday and keep that energy driving throughout the week. Try and have as much energy as the keyboard player in The Animals!

2. The Sun – Portugal, The Man

If you’re wondering what the “kids these days are listening to,” it’s Portugal, The Man. His song, “The Sun,” Also reminds us of Monday mornings. Have a better week than the sheep in this music video is having.

3. Soak Up The Sun – Sheryl Crow

The third song on our list is a classic feel-good song about the sun. Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up the Sun” was arguably one of the most popular songs of the 2000’s. It definitely puts us in the right mood to tackle the rest of the week. How can you not smile looking out at the waves, the sun, and surfers? Although we don’t recommend telling crabby co-workers to “lighten up”!

4. Island Sun – 311

The next song on our playlist that includes lyrics about the sun is 311’s “Island Sun”. This song’s reggae-feel make it one of our favorite jams about the song. It also makes us wish we were out on the open sea, enjoying the island sun.

5. Rise To The Sun – Alabama Shakes

The fifth song we want to highlight from our playlist is “Rise To The Sun”. This live version from the Alabama Shakes fills us with a mixed sense of motivation and relaxation, which is perfect for Monday!

6. Chasing the Sun – The Wanted

This next song will really get you in an energetic mood. The Wanted’s “Chasing the Sun,” is full of energetic vocals, bright notes, and positive messages. Monday means we’ve “only just begun,” but the possibilities for the week are endless!

7. Blister In the Sun – Violent Femmes

This next song’s upbeat tempo is perfect for Monday afternoons that just seem to drag. Let yourself go wild this week, like a blister in the sun.

8. Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis

No playlist with songs about the sun would be complete without this next song. Since the sun is a great ball of fire, Jerry Lee Lewis’ song is the perfect fit. We do not recommend setting any pianos (or your desk!) on fire this week, though!

9. Sunshine on My Shoulders – John Denver

We’ve slowed things down on this next selection with one of America’s most classic voices. We bet you can’t listen to John Denver’s “Sunshine On My Shoulders,” without immediately relaxing (and maybe shedding a tear for the weekend that just passed!)

10. Trip Around the Sun – Kenny Chesney

The last song on our playlist is Kenny Chesney’s “Trip Around the Sun,” to motivate us all to take another trip around the sun.

Check out the full playlist below:

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