Tornadoes Damage Belarus Towns

11 July 2016 was an unusual day for weather in Europe when two tornadoes formed in Vitebsk Region, Belarus. European tornadoes are typically weaker and less frequent than U.S. tornadoes, however the tornadoes on Monday resulted in considerable damage.

Tornado Spottings

A report of the first tornado came in from EU Storm at about 13:00 UTC. reported that the winds of the tornado blew off roofs of 20 residential houses and three cattle farms and rolled over two cranes in Sharkaushschyna district.

cows on home

The second tornado of the day was spotted in Cherenka Vitebsk later on in the day, at approximately 17:10 UTC.


Lightning Report

Earth Networks Total Lightning Network™ detected approximately 56,592 lightning strikes during a 12-hour period containing the hours of the reported tornadoes. A very high frequency of those strikes, 40,000 of them, occurred between the hours of 12:00-18:00 UTC. The video below shows the path of the lightning as it accompanied the tornadoes and their storms across the country.