Dangerous Flooding in Uruguay and Argentina

Heavy rains driven by dangerous thunderstorms caused flooding in Uruguay and the northern provinces of Argentina from 1 April to 8 April 2016.

Based on the 140+ mm of rain that fell on the region from 1 April to 4 April, our partner AccuWeather  predicted that there would be a great threat for flooding in La Paz and Santa Fe, Argentina to Salto and Treinta y Tre, Uruguay into midweek. The below image from AccuWeather shows their forecast for the region where they expected the area to receive 50-100mm of rain.


The below image from Earth Networks PulseRad radar alternative shows the heavy rainfall over the region from 6 April to 9 April. In these three days, over 200mm of rain fell in some areas (dark red).

pulserad uruguay

  • According to the Argentina National Meteorological Service, 70mm of rain in 24 hours was recorded in Gualeguaychu, in Entre Rios Province Argentina.
  • According to data reported by authorities in Entre Rios, as much as 296.4mm of rain fell at Feliciano Station in the north province on 5 April.
  • The Crisis Committee of Civil Defense of the Municipality of La Paz reported that an impressive 345mm of rain fell between 4 April and 6 April.

The above video shows the strength of the floodwaters in La Paz, Entre Rios, Argentina. The waters carried cars and other heavy debris easily down the streets.

The storms that brought these heavy rains also brought with them thunder and lightning. Earth Networks sent out approximately 40 Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts in Argentina on 8 April alone.

flooding la paz
Photo: Municipalidad de La Paz

Over 7,500 people have been displaced by floods in the Entre Rios province of Argentina. Hundreds more were evacuated in other parts of the country. Over 4,000 people were displaced in Uruguay. Some towns, like Corrientes, Argentina, were more than 75% under water. Floodlist reported that three people died as a result of the floods in Argentina.