EANA Installs Lightning Detection System (Short Video)

  • Dec 10, 2018

Last month we announced that the Argentine Civil Aviation Authority, EANA, chose us to provide lightning detection, severe weather alerts, and airport monitoring to their operations throughout the country.

We’re providing real-time lightning monitoring and weather information for 26 of EANA’s airports. We’re also installing an additional 50 lightning sensors. This will enable audible and visual outdoor lightning proximity alerting at 8 of Argentina’s main airports in central and northern Argentina.

We received an update from EANA regarding installation and we couldn’t be happier with their progress! Please watch the video below to see how things are going.

A Comprehensive Aviation Solution

In the video above you can see Ruben, an engineer, explaining all of the features that will help EANA minimize weather-related operational risk.

The white cylinders being installed at Aeropuerto de Rosario are lightning sensors. These lightning sensors detect both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning. The great thing about our sensors is that they automatically send alerts to EANA’s decision-makers in a number of different ways. Ruben explains that they will receive lightning alerts through  phone, email, and online with Sferic Maps.

If you look closely while Ruben is using Sferic Mobile you’ll see what appears to be radar. That’s actually our radar alternative called PulseRad. One of the 40+ weather layers included in Sferic Maps, PulseRad is an important component for EANA because it is cheaper and updates faster than traditional radar. It’s also great for remote areas where radar isn’t typically accessible.

The next step is to install Outdoor Alerting Systems. These horn and strobe alerts will help everyone in the proximity of the airport get out of harm’s way before lightning strikes. Our Outdoor Alerting Systems also include an All Clear signal that so everyone knows when it’s safe to resume operations. This helps improve both safety and operational efficiency.

Protecting the World From Severe Weather

We’re proud to be working with EANA and excited to add Argentina to the list of countries we protect. Our Total Lightning Detection Network covers 90 different countries. With over 1,700 sensors, our network is the most advanced in the world. Since we monitor in-cloud lightning, we’re able to provide the fastest severe weather alerts and detailed storm information.

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