Earth Day 2018: How Your Organization Can Take Action

  • Apr 21, 2017

Take Action This Earth Day

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22nd, 2018. This important, worldwide day of environmental advocacy is the 48th one of its kind. With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day coming up in 2020, this year’s campaign is to end plastic pollution.

While everyone knows they should take care of the Earth, many people don’t understand the science behind it. In a world of “fake news” and general misinformation, one thing that we cannot afford to be uneducated about are the threats to our world. Education is the foundation for progress. We stress this every day with our STEM education programs, but education doesn’t have to just happen in a school. In fact, you can promote environmental and climate literacy in your workplace.

Here are some great ways your organization can take action for Earth Day this year.

Plant A Tree

Deforestation is a growing problem for our planet. Not only is it responsible for 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions, but it also contributes to species extinction and poverty. Today, the most concentrated deforestation occurs in tropical rainforests and the rate at which it is occurring is frightening. Nearly 48 football fields of forest disappear every minute.

That’s why a small yet important way to give back to the Earth is to plant trees. Planting trees is one of the easiest ways to fight against pollutants and greenhouse gasses. Get your employees outside and plant a tree. It’s a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate Earth Day. If your building doesn’t allow you to plant trees, work on gathering donations to plant trees.

Reduce Your Footprint

Another great way to celebrate Earth Day at your workplace is to encourage employees to reduce their carbon footprint. Put together a program for employees that include recycling programs, energy-saving initiatives, and maybe even a carpool program. The key when it comes to reducing your footprint at work is to get a baseline measurement and then keep an eye on it.

While some employees may be slow to adapt to these changes, keep up with them and offer telecommuting days for employees that are dedicated to the program. Everyone loves to work from home, including the planet! Telecommuting reduces emissions spent traveling to and from work.

Eat Less Meat

How could eating less meat possibly affect the environment? Well, the meat industry generates nearly one-fifth of man-made greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. You can make a difference at your workplace by encouraging co-workers to eat less meat. Meatless Mondays are a great themed way to encourage people to eat less meat – Even if it’s just for a day. While this may not seem like it would make a big difference, some studies show that eating less red meat can reduce your carbon footprint more than giving up your car.

Stop Using Disposable Plastic

Finally, one last easy step your workplace can take this Earth Day (and every day following it!) is to stop using disposable plastic. Encourage your organization to use reusable water bottles, coffee cups, and other kitchenware. A great way to replace plastic products with usable products is to purchase them in bulk with your logo on it so you can ensure your coworkers have the right materials.

Additional Resources

Earth Networks and Earth Day go hand in hand. To learn more about our first-of-its-kind greenhouse gas network, follow this link.

Get a free guide to green office life visit, just remember not to print it out!

For different types of toolkits and other important information on Earth Day, visit Earth Day Network’s site.

Share your ideas for reducing your footprint at your workplace this Earth Day using #ENGreen2018.