Earth Networks to Speak at ICOLSE on Lightning Detection Networks for Commercial Aviation – Technology, Meteorology and Applications

  • Sep 02, 2015

We are honored to have been selected to speak on Lightning Detection Networks at the International Conference on Lightning & Static Electricity in Toulouse, 9 – 11 September 2015.

The ability to detect areas of existing and/or early-stage convection is critical to improving situational awareness and safety in the aviation industry. Given thunderstorms by definition include lightning and the vast majority of lightning is typically in-cloud (IC) as opposed to cloud-to ground (CG), it is necessary to have a network in place that detects total lightning activity (i.e., both IC and CG). Total lightning has been demonstrated to correlate well with storm dynamics and both case study and statistical analyses suggest that total lightning is related to the presence or high likelihood of flight hazards such as hail, icing and turbulence.

We will discuss how:

  • Meteorology and the evidence of total lighting are being used as a reliable detection of severe weather
  • Advancements in lightning detection technology
  • Cell tracking of dangerous thunderstorm alerts
  • And supporting case studies for the aviation industry

If you are also attending ICOLSE, please be sure to attend Session 9, Wednesday 9 September, 2015. You can also read our supporting paper.