Earth Networks Total Lightning Network Just Got Better

Earth Networks Total Lightning Network Just Got Better  

As we dive into the New Year, we are excited to introduce a significant upgrade to Earth Networks global lightning detection and classification service. Over the years, our Total Lightning Network has delivered the most reliable and precise lightning detection in the world, helping businesses and organizations to make better decisions, minimize downtime, and safeguard lives when and where it matters most. Over the past two years, our expert lightning scientists and engineers have been hard at work revamping our system to deliver even better results to our customers across the globe. Have you ever considered how advanced lightning network data can benefit your operations? From precise lightning data to rapid alerting, our newly improved total lightning network enables you to quickly evaluate risk and take action when dangerous weather threatens.

In addition, we have merged the Total Lightning Network (TLN) and the Global Lightning Network (GLN) together under a single name – Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®.

New Features Included in ENTLN:

With our improved global lightning detection network, we now detect even more lightning and more accurately locate where that lightning occurs. Some of the most exciting improvements include:

Now all products across AEM that use or deliver lightning for real-time alerting and situational awareness (e.g., Earth Networks Sferic Maps®Sferic Siren, and Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, OneRain Contrail®, and FTS360) are now enabled with the superior data from the updated Earth Networks Total Lightning Network.

In addition, our network continues to maintain extremely low false alarm rates and fast delivery of information so you can rely on our lightning data and alerts to keep people safe and maximize business continuity when severe weather threatens.

Register for the Webinar

We would like to invite you to join us for a live webinar on February 16, which will review the new improvements to the lightning network as well as the 2021 United States Lightning Report! In the webinar, “More Storms – Greater Uncertainty? Advances in Total Lightning Detection Keep Getting Better,” Liz Marks, AEM Director of Product Marketing, and Michael Stock, Principal Lightning Scientist at Earth Networks, will discuss the new changes to our Total Lightning Network and address any questions you may have. Register here.