Emerging Technologies Summit to Feature WeatherBug Home for Energy Efficiency

  • Oct 17, 2014

San Francisco and Germantown, MD – October 17, 2014 – Earth Networks will be showcasing WeatherBug Home, its home energy efficiency program combining big weather data, thermodynamic modeling, and customer energy use, at the Emerging Technologies Summit hosted by Pacific Gas and Electric Company in San Francisco on October 20-22. Earth Networks will be exhibiting and presenting how it is harnessing big data to provide actionable insights and drive consumer action.

About 50% of home energy use comes from weather’s effects on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). WeatherBug Home taps into local, real-time weather data from proprietary neighborhood sensors and correlates it to smart meter data and the customer’s energy usage.

The WeatherBug Home ScoreCard provides personalized insights that help homeowners visualize and understand their energy use and potential savings. Every month, homeowners receive a monthly WeatherBug Home Scorecard that helps explain why their house “behaves” the way it does in relation to the weather, and reveals the biggest drains on home energy use compared to their neighbors. WeatherBug Home Optimization automates energy efficiency, so connected thermostats can be optimized to hit homeowners’ set points precisely given that day’s weather and how their home responds to it – so they save money while remaining comfortable.

Earth Networks’ Dave Oberholzer will be participating in the “Leveraging Big Data to Drive Behavior Change” panel that will include cutting-edge industry approaches in leveraging data to drive behavior change with customers through advanced tools and deeper, more actionable insights.

Visit Earth Networks at the conference to learn more about WeatherBug Home, the only consumer energy program that makes home energy efficiency possible without requiring customers to change their behavior or give up comfort.  For more information about WeatherBug Home, visit www.weatherbughome.com.

Earth Networks: Powering WeatherBug & WeatherBug Home

For 20 years, we have been Taking the Pulse of the Planet® using the world’s largest weather, lightning and greenhouse gas monitoring networks. Our sensors across the planet keep consumers, businesses, and governments informed, updated and alerted. Our popular WeatherBug® brand provides neighborhood-level weather, superior forecasts and advanced severe weather alerts to millions. Our WeatherBug Home offering taps big weather and connected home data for improved energy efficiency and comfort. Enterprises such as schools, airports, professional sports teams, utilities and government agencies rely on our early warning solutions to safeguard lives, prepare for weather events, and optimize operations. Know Before®.