Golf Season 2017: Are Your Systems Ready? The 4 Systems You Need to Check This Year

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  • Apr 04, 2017

Golf Season 2017

The new golf season is already underway for many courses throughout the country. Warmer weather brings more golfers to your club, which means your systems need to be on their A-game. There are plenty of systems golf courses rely on to optimize areas like safety, booking, and management. Before every season, golf course management should check these systems to make sure they are working.

4 Systems to Keep in Mind

The best time to identify problems in these systems is before the course gets too crowded. This way, if there is a problem, you can either fix it or replace the systems all together before you really need it. While the golf season varies in length depending on your location, it will seem even longer if one of these systems isn’t performing properly.

Tee Time Booking Systems

Tee time booking systems definitely help golf courses make booking easy for golfers and members. More importantly, though, these systems help simplify operations for management. While these are a big time saver, they can be a big headache for courses when they’re not working properly. Imagine two different groups of golfers show up for the same tee time. Before the season starts, make sure your tee time booking system is working properly, the company is still up to par, and the software is meeting best practices.

Security Systems

The third system, and possibly the most important system, is your security system. Golf courses and country clubs are both major targets for thieves and vandalism. Before the season starts and throughout the year, make sure your security systems are working and your cameras are pointed in the right places. Not only will this help you protect your own facility and belongings, but it will give your visitors peace of mind as well.

Tracking Technology

The third type of system you need to ensure is working properly is a bit more fun. Tracking technology is very popular within the golfing community today. While this isn’t exactly a worry for golf managers, your members will appreciate it if you bring it up to them. Tracking technology is relatively new, so there are improvements to existing apps every couple of months. Remind your golfers to stay up to date and if you offer tracking capabilities as a club, now is also a good time to make sure they are still working properly.

Weather Systems

Lastly, golf course management needs to check their weather monitoring systems before the season starts. This is because many severe weather alerting systems are not meant to last or brave the elements. For example, some “lightning prediction” models need to be positioned in very exactly locations, constantly maintained, and replaced often because they were not built to last.

In the case that you are following best practices and actually using a system that relies on lightning detection, you should check these systems as well to make sure everything is running smoothly. Some lightning prediction and alerting systems offer field technicians for installation and maintenance. If you weather system isn’t ready for the new season, maybe it’s time to look into changing it to better protect your golfers and yourself.

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