How to Find a Dark Sky API Alternative for your Business

  • Apr 13, 2020

Which Dark Sky API alternatives are there, and how can you find the best one?

How to Find a Dark Sky API Alternative for your business

When Dark Sky announced they were joining the Apple family, they also announced some service changes. While the app will stay the same on iOS devices, it will no longer be available on Androids.

Another big service that will change is the Dark Sky API. Touted as the “easiest, most advanced weather API on the web,” the API is no longer open to new users and will stop functioning completely in 2021.

What Makes a Good Weather API?

weather api graphic

Loyal user or not, everyone will have to find a Dark Sky API alternative in the next few months. While current users have a little more time to evaluate what’s out there, there are still a lot of different weather APIs. Which can you trust?

Here are some key aspects to look for in your next weather API:

1. Hyperlocal Forecasts

2. Real-Time Weather Observations

3. Maps & Radar

4. Alerts

Hyperlocal Forecasts

Data for a weather API should come from a real nearby weather station – not the nearest airport. Forecasts in a weather API, like hourly, daily, and air quality forecasts, should come from nearby weather stations from a commercial-grade weather network.

Real-Time Weather Observations

Another must-have aspect is real-time weather observation. This way, you can generate real-time conditions for whatever location you need. Lots of organizations need a weather API to show a set of current condition data based on the location or station id requested.

Maps & Radar

Other important features of useful weather APIs are map and radar. Weather APIs with maps and radar can show moving weather fronts and conditions through radar, satellite, and temperature.


One of the most important use cases for any weather API is alerts. Up-to-the-minute weather alerts from the National Weather Service and other trusted alerts can save lives and protect property.

Sferic API – The Best Dark Sky API Alternative

Earth Networks weather API – called Sferic API – is the best Dark Sky API alternative because it includes all the above features and is backed by the world’s best commercial-grade weather network.

With a dedicated Customer Care team and a website completed dedicated to the API and its documentation, Sferic API is a top contender for apps and analytics.

Learn more and sign up today by clicking the link below.

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