Lightning Kills Boy in Kampar, Malaysia

A 12 year-old boy died after being struck and killed by lightning while playing football on an open field on 24 March 2016. The victim was from Taman Chahaya in Kampar and was playing with a group of friends when the storm rolled in. He was struck around 5:30pm local time. The below photo shows the lightning strikes detected near the area during the day of the fatal strike.


Lightning moved quickly up the Southeastern coast of Malaysia during the afternoon hours. The video below, powered by Earth Networks Total Lightning Network shows the path and speed of the lightning during a 12 hour span. At the start of the video the strikes fall heavily on Kuala Lumpur before moving up the coast to Kampar where the boys were playing in an open field near the victim’s home.

Lightning is a dangerous force that moves quickly and can strike without the slightest physical warning. If one can hear thunder oftentimes they are already in danger. One of the best practices when it comes to defending lives from lightning strikes in open areas like the field these boys were playing in is to use a lightning detection technology.


If lightning technology isn’t readily available, here are some tips that could be lifesaving for those caught in an open area during the presence of lightning:

  • Be on the lookout for a shift of cooler air. This often means lightning is on its way
  • Seek shelter immediately, including enclosed buildings and metal-topped vehicles
  • If there is no shelter, crouch down and be as small as possible in a low lying area
  • Do not lay flat
  • Stay away from isolated trees