Lightning Strike Injures 10 Kenyan Students

Storm Report

Ten Keyan students were hospitalized with injuries in Teso after they were struck by lightning. The students from Aedomuro Primary School in Teso North were in a classroom when they were struck by a lightning bolt. The lightning struck the students around 4:00pm local time on 27 September 2016. At the time of the incident, classes had already ended and the students were seeking shelter from a heavy downpour on their way home.

The video above, generated by Earth Networks Total Lightning Network, shows the total lightning strikes battering the western region of Kenya that day. Total lightning is comprised of in-cloud (purple) and cloud-to-ground (yellow) lightning strikes. The detection video proves a high frequency of both types of lightning over the area of the school at 1:00pm UTC (4:00pm local time).


During the storm, Earth Networks Total Lightning Network sent out five Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTAs) near the area. DTAs are generated by high frequencies of total lightning detected by Earth Networks Total Lightning Network. These alerts are used to warn people of strong storm cells with cloud-to-ground lightning potential.


Lightning Safety for Students

Unfortunately, dangerous lightning strikes in this area of Kenya are a common experience.  Lightning kills about 30 people per year in Kenya with most of those deaths occurring in Kisii County or close by.


After the incident, Funyula MP Paul Otuoma and other leaders from Busia visited the students in the hospital. Otuoma donated Sh20,000 to the school to help with the medical bills for the affected students. Busia County Assembly Deputy Speaker Moses Ote aims to lobby MCAs to pass a motion that seeks to ensure all schools in Angurai South Ward receive lightning arrester.