Meet Our Meteorologists: Mark Ellinwood

  • Nov 02, 2018

Meet Mark Ellinwood

Mark Ellinwood loves what he does. Even though he’s been a meteorologist for nearly a decade now Mark still enjoys weather forecasting as a hobby. It’s good to have people on your team who don’t have any burn out from looking at the weather (no pun intended!)

So what makes Mark so special? Keep reading to learn more about this member of our Meteorological Services Team and don’t forget to check out the profiles of our other meteorologists we’ve featured so far.

We wouldn’t be able to empower out clients to make the right weather-related decisions without Mark and the rest of the team, so we’re really excited you’re getting to know more about them and the hard work they do behind-the-scenes!

Weather: Both Work and Play

Earth Networks Meteorologist, Mark Ellinwood, has been professionally forecasting the weather for over nine years. We here at Earth Networks are lucky enough to call Mark one of our own for four years now.

Mark’s interest in weather stretches back further than just a decade, though. Like most of our meteorologists we’ve highlighted so far, Mark became interested in the weather at a young age. His personal experiences watching lightning and thunderstorms from his porch or window really solidified his interests. “Lightning will always be amazing to me,” says Mark.

When you take amazingly scary severe weather instances and add in the challenge of forecasting, Mark is left with the satisfaction of providing a vital, accurate forecasts to clients who need them. For him, that’s what makes it all worth it.

Mark loves the weather so much that he spends much of his free time storm chasing. “Tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, I’ll chase them all!” When Mark has enough time, he likes to head out to the Plains in the spring for an extended period of storm chasing with two of his close friends. Everyone at headquarters worries a little bit about him, but hearing about his adventures and seeing pictures and videos makes it all worth it!

A Day In The Life Of Mark

Mark doesn’t get to go storm chasing every day, though. In fact, he’s one of our overnight meteorologists. He gets up around midnight to come into work. Once he gets here he looks at the fresh weather model information and takes his clients for the day.

Then he goes through each of their custom-tailored forecasts and pushes those out in the morning. That way, clients can use this specific weather information first thing when they start their work day. If the weather looks really bad, you can also find Mark hopping on a conference call with clients to give instructions and address questions.

Although he forecasts all weather conditions, Mark’s favorite types of forecasting are short-term forecasts and severe weather. Like most of our other meteorologists, Mark also enjoys forecasting blizzards and snowy weather. We’re starting to think this is something every meteorologist enjoys!

Working to Help Clients

It doesn’t matter if the client is a major league sports organization or a local parks and recreation department. Mark and the rest of our meteorologists handle each of them with the same attention to detail and overall urgency in getting the forecasts done right and quickly.

Just this fall, during Hurricane Florence, Mark was hard at work guiding clients in the major hurricane’s path. “I was on conference calls with customers explaining Florence’s potential impacts as far as 5-7 days in advance and those impacts were generally verified. They (the clients) were thankful for the accuracy and the lead time.” Mark even wrote a thoughtful article after Florence about how we classify hurricanes. You can read it on our blog.

When severe weather is headed towards your business, minutes matter. The best way to minimize operational, financial, and human impacts is to be prepared. That’s just what Mark and the rest of the Meteorological Service Team aims to do. You can learn more about using our meteorologists to protect your event or organization by clicking the link below!


When you think about it, most businesses are impacted by weather. “Millions of dollars can be lost if the wrong decisions are made. Hiring a meteorologist firm is a fraction of that cost… the return on investment is always good in the weather industry,” says Mark.

Have You Worked With Mark?

Have you ever worked with Mark before? Whether as a client, fellow meteorologists, or storm chaser? If so, share your stories of Mark in the comments section below and share this profile on social media so more people can get to know him and the awesome work he does here at Earth Networks.