Meet Our Meteorologists: Matt Mehallow

  • Nov 14, 2018

A Day In The Life of Matt Mehallow

Matt Mehallow is one of the many individuals that make up our outstanding Meteorological Operations Team at Earth Networks. So what exactly does Matt do?

He heads into the office when most people are getting home: At 7pm! Once he gets into the office, he sits down at his computer and begins reading emails he’s received since he left the prior day. Sounds like a normal job (besides the start time) so far, right?

Then Matt heads over to the client board to have a short briefing with the other folks on the meteorological staff. They talk about how the weather will impact our clients and how we can support them in the coming hours.

After the briefing concludes, he returns to his computer and begins monitoring the current weather situation. If the weather deviates from our previous forecasts for a client, he sends out a forecast update. No matter how quickly weather conditions change, Matt is there to send timely updates so our clients know they are still getting the most accurate information to base decisions on.

Later in his shift – typically after midnight – Matt Mehallow begins producing our daily weather forecasts that are sent out to clients. During this time, he also updates our content, produces social media posts, and performs data quality on our network of weather stations.

As you can see, there’s a lot on Matt’s plate. But that’s one of the aspects of the job he (and our other meteorologists) love so much! “My favorite part of being a meteorologist is the fact that it’s exciting and challenging. It’s my passion so I find it very gratifying. Nothing replaces the feeling of a client personally thanking you for accurate forecasts.”

What Sparked Matt’s Interest In Weather?

Matt Mehallow started his meteorological career here at Earth Networks five years ago. However, his interest in the weather started long before that.

Growing up near New York City, Matt always found his community at the center of many major weather events. He can remember many loud thunderstorms and big snowstorms. These events piqued his interest in meteorology and began his lifelong passion.

To support his new passion, Santa gifted Matt with his very own weather station when he was a teenager. He began keeping track of the weather, making records of temperatures and rainfall totals.

While Matt maintained this hobby throughout his teenage years he didn’t really consider meteorology a career path until Hurricane Katrina. That devastating event in 2005 helped Matt “know for sure” that he wanted to pursue a career in meteorology. We’re glad that he did!

Matt’s Favorite Forecasting

To this day, Matt’s favorite type of weather to forecast includes winter storms and blizzards. We think we can chalk this up on his memories of these types of events growing up.

According to Matt, winter forecasting is typically one of the toughest forecasts to put together so “it’s a test of my education and knowledge of meteorology.” When his forecast is right it’s exciting and rewarding. Matt isn’t alone in enjoying winter forecasting. Most of the meteorologists we’ve interviewed so far enjoy forecasting snowstorms, like Fred Allen.

Matt also enjoys the challenges forecasting tropical weather brings. “It also necessitates a good meteorological background and climatologist knowledge.”

When he’s not forecasting the weather or putting together producing news content, you can find Matt enjoying outdoor activities like golf, basketball, and tennis. He also enjoys traveling the world, reading, and spending time at the Jersey Shore.

Working Together With Different Clients

A huge part of Matt Mehallow’s job as a meteorologist here is to work collaboratively with different types of clients to improve their weather-related decision-making. Some of the types of companies he works with include banks, utility and energy companies, and sports teams and leagues. He’s their go-to source when it comes to anything weather so he always has to be prepared.

This is especially true during important outdoor events for clients. Matt worked with a major sports league during their playoff series back in 2016. He was constant contact with their operations center, providing them with up to date forecasts for their highly anticipated championship series. Matt had to take ownership of the forecasts and hold himself accountable if the forecast was going awry and needed to be changed. That’s a lot of pressure when the world is watching!

Matt helped the sports league deal with critical weather conditions as they arose. We’re proud of the way he handled the situation but not surprised. Our meteorologists are professional and personable. They treat every clients’ concerns like they were their own.

Why Work With Meteorologists Like Matt?

Why does Matt think businesses should trust him and the rest of the MetOps Team?

“By using our services, businesses receive valuable insight into future weather that will help them minimize risk, save money and resources, and protect property and assets. It also benefits them by allowing them to be ready when weather threatens their operations.”

If you’re considering hiring a meteorologist to help you deal with whatever Mother Nature has in store, get in touch by clicking the button below.


If you’ve worked with Matt before and have a story share, please do so in the comments section below. We’re nearing the end of our “Meet Our Meteorologists” campaign but we’re not done yet! Tune into the blog next week for another profile!