Plan for Severe Summer Weather Early to be Effective

In the coldest months of winter, it’s hard to plan for severe summer weather. It’s hard to even remember what the sun looks like, right?

However, when it comes to severe summer weather safety, there really is no time too early to plan. Whether you are facilities manager for a park, a superintendent at a large school district, or an emergency manager in a big city, you need to be ready for severe summer weather. The best way to keep people safe from lightning, flooding, and hurricanes is to plan ahead.

Here are three tips that any industry can take to improve their severe weather risk management before threatening thunderstorms roll in.

Check Existing Tools

The first thing you can do year-round to ensure severe weather cannot threaten your summer operations is to check your existing tools. Whether you have just one lightning sensor or an entire suite of weather risk mitigation tools, you need to test them to ensure they are working properly.

The best severe weather tool providers include maintenance packages with their hardware and provide frequent updates on their software. However, something can always go wrong. For example, falling debris can render even the most advanced lightning sensors offline or a URL change could have you seemingly locked out of weather visualization software. Now is the time to check on all of these little things to make sure they don’t become big problems during the summer months. Also remember to check that alerts are working and set up for the correct areas.

Research Areas to Improve

After you’ve checked that your current tools are working you should take time to research what else is out there. For example, if you’re using a lightning prediction tool you are decades behind. Lightning detection tools have been the best practice for years because they have less false alarms and are backed by meteorology. The best detection systems also use total lightning, rather than just cloud-to-ground strikes. What is your system using?

It’s important to make sure you’re using the best tools available on the market because they are your best bet for mitigation operational, financial, and human risk due to severe summer weather conditions. Search online for the best alerting systems, cameras, and other types of equipment to ensure you’re ready for the summer months.

Remove Yearly Worry with Subscriptions

Our last tip for getting your operations prepared for summer is look for a subscription-based solution. When you go to check on your tools, you may notice yourself locked out. Maybe you think your lightning detection tool is online, but really it’s been disconnected months ago. You can get rid of this worry by choosing a severe weather solution that automatically renews itself each year.

This is the easiest way to keeping things up and running as summer approaches. We know most professionals have a lot of things on their plate. A lot of things they may consider more important than the weather. While our meteorologists may disagree, we understand. That’s the way the world works. However, if you’re tools are offline and tragedy strikes, who’s to blame? How would you feel knowing you forgot to turn on a certain system?

That’s why Sferic Protect aims to help eliminate. Our new severe weather safety subscription combines our most effective products with maintenance from our awesome field techs that renews in order to keep you covered.
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Let Us Help You Plan for Severe Summer Weather

Once you go through all of these tips, you should know what weather conditions are headed your way. Severe weather events we commonly associate with summer include:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Flooding
  • Hurricanes
  • Dangerously high temperatures
  • Rip tide
  • Sunburn


However, other forms of severe weather like tornadoes and wildfires can be common too, depending on your area.

Our meteorological team will release a summer outlook webinar and report as we get closer to the season, so make sure you subscribe to our blog so we can remind you about that webinar. The Summer Outlook Webinar is a great way to ask our meteorologists your most pressing questions and get a look at what’s in store for the summer months.