Presentation of Interim Results at Annual Meeting of American Meteorological Society

  • Feb 06, 2014

Interim results were presented at the AMS meeting in Atlanta, Georgia by Earth Networks with Dr. BAH in attendance:

Session 8B (35017): International Applications Session: Latest Challenges for Disseminating and Accessing Weather Data, Forecasts and Warnings; Creating an Operational End to End Early Warning System Infrastructure in Guinea (West Africa) is scheduled as Paper 8B.6 of the session from 17:15 until 17:30 on Wednesday, 5 February 2014, Room C105.

Content of the presentation included:
– verification of observation network up-time and data reliability
– comparison of lightning strikes detected by the network to satellite data
– storm detection cases with emphasis on early warning and rainfall estimates
– forecast performance verification in comparison to top global models
– ways the information is being disseminated and future plans

Presentation slides can be viewed at these links –



Dr. BAH shares his insights with the top management of NOAA and Earth Networks at AMS Meeting.