Severe Weather Strikes Sydney

  • May 04, 2015

Hail, heavy rain and thunderstorms pushed through Sydney, Australia on Saturday, April 25.   There were confirmed reports of 1-2 cm sized hail and accumulating rainfall that flooded some areas of the region.  Australia’s Total Lightning Network detected significant amounts of lightning as far west as Wallacia, an area located approximately 56 kilometers  NNW of Sydney.

Lx Sydney Austrailia_04292015

The presence of significant lightning activity can be a precursor and detailed indicator of severe weather developments. Our local weather partner, Weatherzone, issued multiple dangerous thunderstorm alerts (DTAs) as the weather conditions escalated.

The severe weather stranded motorists and pedestrians, and some needed to be rescued from flooded roadways. According to local reports, the storms collapsed buildings, damaged rooftops, and downed trees throughout the area.


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