Lightning Range Rings Now Available in Sferic Maps

In this update, users will now be able to automatically display lightning range rings around locations in Sferic Maps. 

New in Sferic Maps: Lightning Range Rings 

Automatic custom alerts from Sferic Maps let key stakeholders know when potentially dangerous lightning is approaching, how severe it is, and when it is safe to resume business operations.

Sferic Maps is a web-based collaborative weather monitoring visualization and alerting mapping tool, offering real-time weather alerts and situational awareness. Sferic Maps provides reliable, easy-to-use weather tracking and alerting everywhere you are, to benefit the operational needs of your business. The new lightning range rings feature within Sferic Maps will allow you to see how lightning may impact your business operations, at a glance.

If the lightning range rings are green, that indicates an “all-clear” which means the region is safe from hazardous lightning. Alternatively, if the lightning range rings are red, users will be made aware that the region is under alert for potentially dangerous lightning.

This new feature in Sferic Maps will improve your user experience by eliminating the need to draw custom map layers, for quick and timely lightning alerts.

Watch this brief explainer video to learn all about the new lightning range rings in Sferic Maps:



All Clear vs. Under Alert

As demonstrated below, Sferic Maps will display the radius of the lightning range rings at the bottom of the ring. The color and style of the lightning range ring is based on the lightning detection threat.

  • All Clear – green border with transparent inner area.
  • Under Alert – red border with partially transparent red inner area.
  • Rule Not Active – orange border with no fill.


The following example illustrates how the automatic lightning range rings work:

1. Setup a rule to monitor lightning around a location.

2. Turn on the display of the rings.

3. Quickly and easily observe lightning alert status by ring color and style. As aforementioned, when the rings illustrate a green border with no fill, that indicates an all-clear, meaning there is no dangerous lightning in that location. When the rings illustrate a red border with red fill, that indicates that the region is under alert.


Evening thunderstorms and a wind farm with large wind turbines with red lights in the distance

With real-time data from Earth Networks Total Lightning Network, business operators and industry leaders can receive automatic lightning alerts, which help a business predict how lightning may impact their operations. This saves a business time, money, and ensures employee safety by strategizing business operations around severe weather.

Receive Custom Lightning Alerts for Your Operational Needs

Earth Networks’ lightning alerts can be customized to fit your operational needs. Some other customization features include:

  • Alert Delivery via horn, strobe, text, or email
  • Alert Location, or the area in which lightning alerts are active
  • Lightning Alert Radius, or how far away the lightning has to be to trigger an alert


If you are unsure about which type of lightning alerts you should use, check out our quick Lightning Alert Guide to get more information.

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What Makes Sferic Maps Different?

Earth Networks’ Sferic Maps is an enterprise-class weather visualization dashboard that provides a fully interactive map experience with a comprehensive collection of exclusive, commercial-grade weather data.

Customers are able to monitor near real-time weather observation data from the Earth Networks weather network and overlay numerous enhanced map layers to stay up-to-date with significant weather events.

Sferic Maps Customer Support

Earth Networks loves to hear from and provide support to our valued customers. If you have any questions regarding  Sferic Maps or the new lightning range rings, please feel free to contact Customer Support or utilize our tutorials and training videos.

Contact the experts at Earth Networks for a personalized weather safety and continuity plan.