Earth Networks Announces Enhanced Outdoor Alerting Solutions for Lightning Protection

  • Aug 29, 2019

Sferic Siren protects lives by instantly warning people outdoors when dangerous thunderstorms are near

Sferic Siren outdoor weather alert system outside of a buliding

Germantown, MD– August 29, 2019 — Weather safety leader Earth Networks today announced major enhancements to its suite of outdoor alerting solutions for lightning at AtmoSferic 2019, the company’s weather safety summit in Orlando, Florida. Sferic Siren is an automated system featuring an audible horn and visible strobe light that activates when lightning approaches a predefined radius around a facility. In addition to a high decibel lightning alarm, the Sferic Siren now includes an option with a customizable voice message alert and volume control. The new smaller-format Sferic Siren is perfect for pools, playgrounds and complexes in neighborhoods where high decibel alerts would not be practical.

In the first half of 2019 Earth Networks detected a total of 47,714,299 lightning strikes in the continental United States. Of those, 8,170,185 were dangerous cloud-to-ground strikes that can cause injury or death and damage to property. Those enjoying outdoor activities are most at risk. The Sferic Siren helps avoid the risks of dangerous thunderstorms by issuing audio and visual onsite alerts letting people immediately know when it’s unsafe to remain outdoors.

Earth Networks Sferic Siren customers include airports, parks, beaches and pools, outdoor athletic fields and stadiums, golf and country clubs and any other outdoor facility needing protection from severe weather. Lee County, Florida, Bergen County, New Jersey and Bay Hill Club & Lodge all rely on Earth Networks Sferic Siren to help them proactively, quickly, and efficiently clear outdoor recreation and athletic areas, so staff, students and visitors stay safe during severe weather.

“We are proud to offer innovative updates to our weather alerting products, emphasizing our commitment to public safety,” said Anuj Agrawal, Chief Marketing Officer at Earth Networks. “Our new Sferic Siren can be easily and quickly deployed in virtually any type of setting, bringing this advanced technology within reach of every outdoor facility, regardless of size.”

The newly updated Sferic Siren is highly configurable and features:

  • Total Lightning Detection– 1,700+ sensors in over 100 countries monitor both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning, enabling the most comprehensive network with real-time localized alerting capabilities.
  • Countdown Clock – Visual online alert clock shows when your area is under alert, and when it’s safe to resume outdoor activities.
  • Flexible Implementation– Solar and cellular configuration options offer installation without the use of traditional wired power and internet, enabling full remote deployments where needed.
  • Audio and Visual Warning Options – High-decibel horn and strobe alerts offer you maximum coverage and warning capacity for large coverage areas.
  • Custom Voice Message Alerts – spoken voice alerts with customized messages are available for smaller standalone complexes or near residential areas where high-decibel horns may not be feasible.
  • Email, Text, and App Alerts – Multiple alert methods notify offsite stakeholders your facility is under alert via email, text message or push alerts through a mobile app.
  • Adjustable Range Rings and Time to All Clear – Choose your optimal distance for alert coverage as well as how long you wait until an all clear signal is given.

To learn more or request information about Sferic Siren, contact Earth Networks.

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