Tell Your Fans How to Dress to Stay Warm on Game Day

  • Dec 01, 2017

It`s autumn and game day – – time to head for the tailgate and the football game. Typically, football games are held in the evenings in high school and during the day and evening in college, so the air will likely have chill to it. Not to mention, NFL games happen at all different times of the day.

Here`s a few do`s and don`ts of clothing choice, so your fans can remain comfortable throughout the game during the chillier fall months. Keep your fans warm during football games!


Dress in layers

Several layers are the best way to dress before you head to the game. It`s a lot easier to take the layers off if you get warm. And, it`s a lot cheaper than the other option if you get cold – visiting the team store to buy a new sweatshirt or jacket.

Start with a cotton, light-fitting t-shirt. Bundle above that with a long-sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt. Finally, top it all off with a warm jacket. Wear jeans, and for those chilly days put a pair of leg-warmers on underneath. Cotton or lycra will keep the heat near your body. At the same time, don`t overdo it. Cheering for your favorite team requires standing up for long periods of time or jumping out of your seat for the big plays. You need to be able to dance and celebrate, so you don`t want to have the movement ability of a marshmallow.

Wear hats and gloves! 

Tailgating and game times in the fall and early winter months can be cold. Bring a comfy hat and gloves. Otherwise, you may spend the entire time trying to keep your hands warm and miss out on enjoying yourself.

Plan for the time of the game 

If it`s a college football game that starts at Noon, you`re probably starting to tailgate during the early morning hours, the coldest time of the day. If you`re coming back to your car before kickoff, it`s best layer up even more, and leave some of the clothes in the car. If it`s an evening game, you might be tailgating during the warmest time of day and arriving at the stadium when the weather cools off.

Take a blanket 

If you have room in the bag you`re taking into the stadium, bring a blanket with you. During an evening game, it`s a nice way to keep warm. If the weather is really cold, you might even make a few friends in the process.

Wear your team`s colors 

Since you`re wearing multiple layers, it`s important to make sure that you`re prepared to continue to cheer your team on, in case you need to take a layer off. Don`t want your t-shirt to be cheering for the rival team!


Paint your body in your team`s colors

While showing that much team spirit may get you on television, the chilly temperatures common, especially at those late-season games, could lead to a rather uncomfortable rest of the night or even frostbite.

Wear sunglasses at night

Remember the 80s song? Don`t do it. The stadium lights, at their brightest, aren`t thatbright, and you`re more likely to scare someone.

The important thing when you head to a game is comfort. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure you`re comfortable.

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