Storm System over Koundara District: Video Playback

  • Oct 07, 2013

In the northern prefecture Koundara four people were killed by lightning. The first part of this video playback shows all the lightning activity for the duration of the storm event. The second part shows the automated lightning cell tracking and Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts. The district could take advantage of several DTAs as the storm arrived and moved through.


Modest thunderstorms approached Conakry from the south, southeast starting at about 0120 UTC. At ~0230 UTC a new storm developed and rapidly intensified over NE Conakry. A DTA was issued for Conakry at ~0235 UTC. The storm continued to intensify and expand west and south into the heart of Conakry over the next 30 minutes. By ~0330 UTC the storm had diminished and departed Conakry to the NW. There certainly could have been flash flooding and damaging winds between ~0245 UTC and ~0315 UTC.