Strong Storms Dump Flooding Rain in Fouta-Djalon

  • Jun 17, 2014

17 June 2014, 1800 UTC:  Slow moving, strong thunderstorms developed late this afternoon over the high terrain of Fouta-Djalon. These storms were detected and tracked by the Guinea Total Lightning Network and the simulated PulseRad radar. The slow moving storms contained torrential rains and gusty winds.


The Guinea Meteorological Department issued Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts for these storms due to the frequent lightning measured and the potential for flash flooding rains and gusty winds.

Ghana RT

PulseRad radar detected a storm mid-way between Mali and Fria that had dropped over 100 mm of rainfall in less than two hours. It is possible that some locations saw rainfall rates over 100 mm/hour.

PulseRad RainTotal

The storms were heading steadily westward at just 30-35 km/hour and would affect Mali and the central Boke region by 7-8 pm. The city of Boke may not see storms till as late as 10pm but these storms may stay north of the city and keep that region dry.