The Three API Types Your Business Needs in 2019

  • Dec 12, 2016

Unlock Your Highest Potential with APIs


Sure; your business is online, but is it truly a digital business? It can’t be without utilizing different API types.

There’s plenty out there, but for this post we’re referring to the data type rather than the build (external, internal, etc.). An API is an Application Programming Interface. A simpler explanation is just a way for service and products to communicate with each other through a documented interface. Plenty organizations use APIs to add value to their services like product catalogs, phone listings and bank loans.

Three Types of APIs to Use as Strategic Tools


Organizations throughout a variety of industries benefit from strategically implementing APIs to their business plan. Does your organization use an API or multiple APIs? If not, make it your New Year’s resolution to unlock your digital business’ full potential with these three API types in 2017.

Client Relation Management API

The first great API type your business should take advantage of in 2017 in a CRM API. Check and see if your CRM software offers an API. A lot of big name companies do, including Salesforce, Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics. CRM APIs allow you to easily tackle tasks that normally take a lot of time, like loading or deleting large numbers of records or integrating your CRM data into other applications.

Weather API

The second type of API your organization needs in the New Year is a weather API. More and more businesses are realizing the high value weather data brings to their financial, operational and human responsibilities. Join the businesses that took advantage of weather data in 2016 and find a weather data API you can integrate to protect your critical assets during storms and improve business continuity.

Your Own API

The last necessary API for 2017 is your own! Take the initiative and turn your business into a truly digital business with your own API as a product. Having your own API can help you establish authority in your market, increase your customer base and even generate innovative business plans. Learn more about the benefits from Koombea.

What APIs Do Your Organization Use?

Do you already utilize an API to add value to your organization? Then let us know what type you use and the value it brings your business below.