Weather Technology Leaders Team to Deliver More Precise and Powerful Forecasts to Consumers and Enterprises Ranging from Utilities to Renewables to Transportation

  • Jan 30, 2014

jan30WeatherBug Apps for Consumers and ENcast for Enterprises Provide the Best Weather Forecasts

Germantown, MD and Boulder, CO – January 30, 2014 – Whether you are a consumer, business or government official, real-time and precise forecasts are critical. Consumers can plan their day, utilities can better anticipate demand, wind farm operators can maximize output, transportation companies can more effectively manage fleets, and airlines can more efficiently reroute flights using timely forecast information that’s finely tuned to specific geographic locations.

Enterprises and consumers around the world now have a new source for more accurate, location-specific weather forecast data, thanks to an expanded partnership between Earth Networks, the world’s largest source of private weather and lightning data, and Global Weather Corporation (GWC), a company that’s bringing to market the most accurate, real-time weather forecasting feeds based on technology developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

In partnership with GWC, Earth Networks developed ENcast, a unique weather forecasting system that generates pinpoint, accurate and reliable nowcasts to extended 15-day forecasts.

Now, advanced forecasts – up to 25% more accurate – for any point on the globe are made possible by uniquely combining the following:

  • Real-time, high-resolution proprietary weather and lightning observations from Earth Networks,
  • Proven methodology with leading ensemble models,  technology and high-performing products – including WindWx, SolarWx and RoadWx – from Global Weather Corporation, and a
  • Comprehensive set of additional global data sources and models.

Unlike other forecasts, ENcast forecasts are updated hourly using Earth Networks’ real-time data, delivering significantly more accurate 0-48 hour period nowcasts. ENcast is also incorporated in the company’s popular line of WeatherBug apps, delivering pinpoint forecasts to consumers for millions of locations worldwide.

A recent evaluation by ForecastWatch reported that forecasts provided by Global Weather Corporation have the lowest error of those reviewed in both the U.S.and Europe for the period 1-9 days, using a metric of daily high temperature. These results demonstrate the strong foundation upon which ENcast is built.

“The combination of data from Earth Networks’ real-time weather and lightning sensor networks and GWC’s model methodology means that together we will offer the best forecasts – so that businesses around the world have improved critical weather insight and the exact forecast information they require, and consumers are more prepared and safer,” says Global Weather Corporation CTO and Founder Bill Gail.

“Weather is the single biggest variable for many industries, and we’ve worked with organizations to demonstrate that utilizing the best, most accurate forecasts can save a business thousands or even millions of dollars,” says Earth Networks President and COO Richard Spaulding. “We’re continuing to invest in our technologies, making it possible for consumers and industries to harness the power of real-time local data, high-resolution global models, and advanced computational abilities to safeguard lives, protect livelihoods and make a positive impact.”

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About Global Weather Corporation

Global Weather Corporation® (GWC) is an information company with proprietary technology that produces real-time precision weather forecasts needed by businesses to improve decision-making, increase operational efficiency, and serve their business/consumer customers. GWC’s forecasts are tuned on-demand to any specific location or geography in the world and delivered through a scalable transaction-based web services model. We serve a growing business and consumer market demand – improved accuracy at exact locations with better timeliness than anyone else.

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