Weather 101 Resources

How do hurricanes form? What is lightning? Why do tornadoes happen?

If you’ve ever wondered about the weather, you’re in the right spot! Below you’ll find resources from our dedicated team of meteorologists that will help you get a firm understanding of basic weather facts.

Lightning Facts


What Happens When You Get Struck By Lightning?


Thunderstorm Facts


Hail Facts


Hurricane Facts


Tornado Facts


Heat Facts


Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) Facts

Weather Technology Guides

Lightning Detection Facts


101 Videos

Thunderstorm Science

Lightning Safety Outdoors


Lightning Safety Indoors


Medical Effects of Lightning Victims

Weather Quizzes: Test Your Knowledge!

Hurricane Quiz

Tornado Quiz

Rip Current Quiz

Lightning Quiz

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Thanks for wanting to learn more about the weather and remember to stay safe with hyperlocal, real-time weather intelligence.