Australian Companies Now Have Access to Patented, Industry Leading Lightning Detection and Severe Weather Alerting Services

  • Mar 18, 2015

mar18North Sydney, NSW, Australia and Germantown, MD, USA – Weatherzone, Australia’s leading commercial weather information provider, today announces an agreement with U.S.-based Earth Networks, the operator of the world’s largest and most advanced total lightning detection network. With the agreement, companies in Australia gain improved access to the best lightning detection and severe weather nowcasting services available globally.

Weatherzone Managing Director, Charles Solomon, said lightning was the number-one cause of storm-related deaths in Australia and cost businesses millions of dollars in asset damage or operational shut-down costs. Accurate tracking of lightning activity is a key concern for many Australian businesses in industries that include electric utilities, mining, aviation, public safety and fire protection services.

In partnership with Earth Networks, Weatherzone’s clients gain access to an array of products and services to help protect lives and livelihoods. These include minute-by-minute lightning proximity alerts; Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTA) that provide advanced warning to oncoming severe weather; PulseRad, a radar alternative for areas with limited or no radar coverage; and total lightning visualization tools — all of which make managing safety and operations during thunderstorms easier, faster and more accurate. “In recognizing the importance of lightning data to our clients, we took the decision to conduct a world-wide search for the best lightning detection network available,” said Solomon. “Well over 100 businesses and government agencies in sectors that include mining, aviation, electric utilities, public safety, forestry and others are already benefiting from weather and lightning information from the network.”

Launched as the Weatherzone Total Lightning Network (WZTLN), the WZTLN integrates with the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network, the world’s largest network capable of tracking both cloud-to-ground strikes and, importantly, in-cloud lightning activity, which often precedes severe weather. Coupled with Earth Networks’ patented detection technology and Weatherzone’s proprietary data service, the WZTLN improves on Weatherzone’s previous offering by providing enhanced lightning detection, a more user friendly interface and earlier alert systems.

The partnership also greatly expands the number of lightning sensors in the Australian lightning network. “In partnership with Earth Networks, our network has been expanded and is now the only truly national network in Australia with more than double the number of sensors of any competing lightning network,” says Solomon.

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