Golf Round Up: The Best Golf Posts from Earth Networks

  • Jan 22, 2018

When you work in the golf course management industry, you need the best golf posts and resources in order to succeed. Whether you are a course superintendent, grounds manager, or shop professional, you can’t succeed by simply sticking to what you know. Each day, new information hits the web. While the game of golf hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years, the management tactics behind it have had to adapt.

Think about it. When lightning strikes at a golf course we no longer refer to it as an accident. We know there is technology out there that can prevent these things from happening. On the other hand, golf carts are no longer just for the elite. They’re pretty much a staple at most modern courses.

That’s why we’ve gathered up our ten best golf resources we have. Written by Earth Networks meteorologists, club specialists, and former PGA pro’s, these resources are meant to enlighten, guide, and protect your operations. While some of these focus strongly on severe weather safety, there are some other great reads in this list as well. So tee up and see what resources can help you this year!

Top 10 Resources

Here are the best golf posts Earth Networks has to date. Which one do you think is the most helpful?

3 Helpful Winter Golf Course Management Tips for Clubs

4 Golf Course Safety Tips for Spring

The 5 Ways to Promote Summer Golf Safety This Year

Use Golf Course Lightning Detection for Junior Golfers

Automatic Severe Weather Alerts vs. Person-Driven: What’s Best for Your Golf Course

4 Golf Course Management Tips to Keep Your Golfers Happy & Safe

5 Reasons Why Golf Clubs Can’t Rely on Other Severe Weather Alerts

5 Reasons Why Smart Courses Are Switching to Lightning Detection

Free vs. Commercial Weather Data

Weather Monitoring & Outdoor Alerting Systems: A Buying GuideClick here to download OAS buying guide

What Else?

Have other golf resources you’d like to share with your colleagues? Post links in the comments section below!

What kind of information is going to be helpful for your operations this year? Let us know what you’d like to read about in the comments section and we’ll get our experts on the case.