Business Continuity Hurricane Preparedness (The Ultimate Guide)

Hurricane season is just ramping up so it’s time assess your level of business continuity hurricane preparedness.

The peak of the Atlantic Hurricane season typically occurs at the end of August and beginning of September. While we haven’t seen a lot of storms just yet, the threat is always on the horizon.

This is especially true with the 2017 still looming over many business continuity professionals’ minds. Last year, Major Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria caused billions in damages and proved to be dangerous and fatal storms.

The Best Business Continuity Tips for the 2018 Hurricane Season

With last year’s season still top of mind, we reached out to business continuity professionals around the country to bring you the best tips for the 2018 hurricane season. Our latest ebook includes first-hand accounts of previous hurricanes from professionals in the industry. Their stories and tips combine to create an ultimate guide for business continuity professionals in any industry to help handle future hurricane seasons.

Our ebook, which you can download for free by clicking the box below, has field-tested tips for before, during, and after a hurricane impacts your area.


Some of the best tips we got for before the storm include stocking up on the right supplies and preparing your business’ property and assets. For tips during the storm, we gathered great ways to communicate and share why using meteorologists and other weather tools– will help you make the best operational decisions.

After the storm, the best tips include:

  • Being flexible
  • Understanding your social infrastructure risk
  • Asking for help
  • Remembering your employees


This free ebook is a great way to help build your own checklist and prep for any hurricane-related risks.

Any Other Tips?

Download the ebook to see if we missed anything. If you have some great business continuity hurricane tips and missed our call for submissions, let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media. The best part about the business continuity and disaster recovery industry is how willing everyone is to help each other out. Share your tips and become part of something bigger this hurricane season.