Cape Coral Installs Earth Networks’ Lightning Detection Solution Across 17 City Public Parks

  • Jul 27, 2016

With the 2nd highest number of lightning strikes in 2015 among all U.S. cities, Cape Coral deploys Earth Networks’ automated Outdoor Alerting Systems (OAS) to alert citizens when lightning and dangerous thunderstorms are approaching

Germantown, MD– July 27, 2016 WeatherBug by Earth Networks today announced that the city of Cape Coral has deployed its Outdoor Alerting Systems (OAS) in 17 public parks across the city. Cape Coral – a city that had the second highest number of lightning strikes in the country last year – is now equipped with an advanced warning system to detect nearby lightning, enabling park managers to enhance visitor safety by better managing weather threats.

Earth Networks’ OAS is an automated system that delivers a high-decibel signal, alerting park visitors to seek shelter when lightning is detected in the area and easing the burden from citizens to make difficult decisions when lightning is an imminent threat. OAS is powered by Earth Networks’ Total Lightning Network (ENTLN), the world’s largest lightning detection network with more than 1,200 sensors in more than 40 countries.

“For Cape Coral residents and Floridians in general, lightning and severe weather is always a threat, which means that we need to go above and beyond to help protect residents by leveraging the most proven, advanced lightning detection and alerting technology available,” said Art Avellino, Athletic and Revenue Superintendent, City of Cape Coral. “With OAS installed at many of our public parks, we can ensure that public safety remains our top priority.”

The City of Cape Coral can customize alert settings based on the hours of park operation, lightning-strike distance, alert duration, and email/text alert recipients. Earth Networks’ OAS and ENTLN also offers several unique capabilities:

  • Superior Detection System: Differentiating cloud-to-ground from in-cloud lightning is critical for assessing storm development and the potential for severe weather. ENTLN is the first lightning detection network capable of detecting both in-cloud (IC) and cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning, increasing overall lightning detection by up to 250% and subsequently reducing the risk of nearby audiences being struck by lightning.
  • Simple Implementation: The OAS is a compact, fully automated lightning alerting system with no moving parts and is easily interfaced with modular connectors. This enables easy installation, better reliability, a smaller operational footprint, and low maintenance.
  • Real-Time Dashboard: OAS includes a real-time dashboard that displays the current alert status information including connection, active alerts, last stroke time and distance and a countdown timer with the estimated time to the All Clear. This allows the City of Cape Coral to track the lightning threat and keep their users informed of the situation.

“Cape Coral has long been a leader in deploying innovative technologies that enhance and protect the lives of the residents it serves, and OAS provides comprehensive lightning safety intelligence from start to finish,” adds Randy Smith, Homeland Security Specialist, Earth Networks. “Now, residents can enjoy sporting events or everyday family outings with peace of mind knowing when to take shelter because dangerous lightning is approaching.”

The deployment of OAS in Cape Coral public parks extends Earth Networks’ presence in Lee County (which includes Cape Coral). There are 60 locations across Lee County with Earth Networks OASs installed, including parks, schools, golf courses and country clubs.

For additional information on the Earth Networks Outdoor Alerting System, visit here.

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