Energy Efficiency Day: 3 Fun Ways to Celebrate with Connected Savings

Today is the first annual Energy Efficiency Day—celebrated by sharing the benefits of energy efficiency throughout the United States.

Energy Efficiency Day is an opportunity for companies and individuals to improve their energy consumption habits. It’s also a day to learn how to use electronic devices correctly both at home and at work. Reducing energy consumption should be an important goal for our society. Energy Efficiency Day encourages a more sustainable society based off of renewable energy sources and more ecologically-friendly technology.

In all areas of our work, prioritizing energy efficiency is a constant focus; especially within our Connected Savings brand. That’s why we’ve put together three easy steps to help you celebrate this year’s inaugural celebration.

1. Research Tips for Cutting Back on Energy Usage

There are many small, easy steps you can take to improve your energy efficiency both at home and in the office. Remembering the little things—like turning off lights in rooms you’re not using or the faucet while brushing your teeth—not only save energy but can significantly reduce your yearly energy spend.


Take time today to research other ways to cut back on your daily energy usage. You can start with this detailed article from the National Wildlife Federation. There are great tips for improving energy efficiency through lightning, heating and cooling and even cooking!

2. Figure Out Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Score

The second way you can celebrate is to determine your own home’s energy efficiency. One way Connected Savings helps promote energy efficiency is through our Energy ScoreCard.

If you have a Wi-Fi thermostat that is connected to Connected Savings, we’re able to access what factors are driving your energy bill and how prepared your home is for the weather’s effect on its energy usage. The Energy ScoreCard gives an overall score for your home as well as scores for insulation, shading and draftiness.

3. Explore Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

If you already have a Wi-Fi thermostat, research applications like Connected Savings that will allow you to really explore your home’s energy efficiency. WeatherBug Home allows users to explore the total energy usage of their home, broken up between HVAC load (heating and cooling), variable load (appliances that you turn on or off) and base load (things that are always or automatically on).