Free Weather Services for COVID-19 Responders

COVID-19 responders are putting their lives at risk to save those infected by this terrible disease. While they are battling the enemy that’s dominating the headlines, another element is also putting them at risk: The weather.

Hospitals, first responders, and emergency management crews are doing everything they can to help stop this virus. That’s why we at Earth Networks are offering our weather forecasting support absolutely free to everyone responding to this coronavirus pandemic.

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What’s Included?

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We are offering our live meteorological support and on-the-go alerting services free or charge. Time is of the essence, and these tools will help protect everyone on the front lines.

At a high level, you’ll receive:

  • 24/7 access to professional meteorologist via phone or chat
  • Direct access to a meteorologist
  • Custom forecasting advice for your response location
  • Conference call briefings for your organization
  • Free access to our mobile apps for up-to-the-minute conditions


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24/7 Access to Meteorologists

When lives are at stake, sometimes there is no better reassurance than talking to an expert. We’ve seen this in the news every single day since COVID-19 became such a threat. That’s why we’re offering free access to meteorological services package.

Meteorologist on call at Earth Networks HQOur team of meteorologists have over 100 years of combined experience under their belts. They know how to interpret weather information and how to help everyone from government organizations to major league sports teams prepare.

COVID-19 responders can freely access our meteorologists by phone, email, or chat. There, they can ask questions, like:

  • Are we going to experience storms today and when?
  • What will the highest wind gusts be?
  • What are the chances of flooding?


Another great benefit to our meteorological services is just how quickly they respond. When it comes to severe weather, minutes matter. Our meteorologists are ready to help testing centers, hospitals, and emergency managers make the right decisions no matter what time or day it is.

Weather Data Wherever You Go

On top of our meteorological services, those on the front lines can also receive our weather app for free.

Sferic Mobile‘s detailed interface doesn’t take long to learn, and quickly shows the basic weather information COVID-19 responders desperately need, including:

  • Custom condition and NWS alerts
  • Current conditions via real-time weather map
  • Hyperlocal forecasts

Desktop Weather Hub

We’re also giving away access to our real-time weather map.

Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts on our real-time hyperlocal weather and lightning detection map, Sferic Maps

Our interactive weather map helps monitor dozens of different weather conditions, forecasts, and alerts.

With the ability to save views and watch storms develop in real time, Sferic Maps will help COVID-19 responders plan for what’s coming and know exactly when it will hit.

If you start using Sferic Maps, we highly recommend you look at our Storm Estimated Time of Arrival layer, wind gusts, and rainfall amounts to help you prepare.

Weather Threats

Two thunderclouds with lightning and rain extending from oneYour safety is our top concern. In the United States, spring is often a violent time where thunderstorms, tornadoes, and high rainfall amounts are typical, and can inflict lasting damage.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to see how these conditions can threaten critical COVID-19 infrastructure like temporary structures and electric service. Just last month, a deadly tornado made headlines after it ripped through East Nashville and wiped out entire blocks.

Our hope is that with these free real-time weather monitoring and alerting tools, COVID-19 responders will have the insight and the time to protect their operations, their patients, and themselves.

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We hope our commercial-grade weather monitoring and alerting tools will help us win the battle against COVID-19. If you think your organization could use this offer, please use the button below to sign up.


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Thank You!!!

We are forever grateful for those putting their lives on the line during this pandemic. To all the doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, military members, emergency managers, and everyone risking their lives: We thank you.

We know this free offer doesn’t even begin to scratch the service of what our world owes you, but we hope it helps you get through the COVID-19 pandemic safe and sound.