How to Learn About Weather Online (For Free!)

  • Aug 10, 2020

The Earth Networks Weather Academy is the best free way to learn about weather – taught by our expert meteorologists! Keep reading to learn more about our courses or sign up now.

how to learn about the weather for free

It doesn’t matter if you’re a morning person or someone who can’t function until they’ve had coffee: Most of us check the weather forecast in the morning!

Some of us might even do a little internet search after we hear a term like “hook echo” or “backdoor cold front” mentioned by a meteorologist. But how do we know what we’re finding online is correct?

It all depends if the information is coming from the right source. That’s why our team of expert meteorologists developed the Earth Networks Weather Academy.

The Earth Networks Weather Academy is the best way to learn weather online (and it's free!) Share on X

What is the Earth Networks Weather Academy?

The Earth Networks Weather Academy is a comprehensive 90-minute Introductory to Weather course with nearly a dozen mini lessons.

One expert from our team of meteorologists leads each mini lesson, so they have a personalized feel to them.

Meet the Earth Networks Weather Academy Instructors: Mark Hoekzema, Chief Meteorologist | Julie Gaddy, Senior Meteorologist, CCM | Chad Merrill, Senior Meteorologist
The Introductory to Weather course covers everything from identifying weather fronts to how to do your own daily weather briefing.

After finishing this course, you will:

  • Become a weather map expert and learn how to think like a meteorologist when looking at things like radar, satellite, and temperature rates
  • Know how to identify several conditions like heat waves, cold fronts, severe storms, and more
  • Understand how to plan for upcoming dangerous weather by estimating arrival times, accessing NWS alerts, and determining flood risk
  • Know how to use real-time lightning data to estimate storm strength, direction, and speed


Ready to learn all this and more?


Who is the Weather Academy For?

The Earth Networks Weather Academy is the perfect online tool for everyone from those who are just curious about the weather to those who have to make critical weather-related decisions at work.

“We were excited to make these instructional videos available so operations and safety decision makers can make more confident and timely decisions relating to weather threats.” said Earth Networks Chief Meteorologist, Mark Hoekzema.

Have you ever wondered:

  • When it might stop raining,
  • The chances you will get hit by a thunderstorm, or
  • What types of NWS Watches and Warnings are active in your area and what they mean?


Then this free academy is for you!

This online collection of free weather courses is perfect for everyone who wants to learn about weather, including:

  • Professionals who use weather in their line of work
  • Weather enthusiasts
  • Teachers
  • Students


Our meteorologists speak in plain English and explain the terms you don’t hear every day. We designed these lessons to be easy-to-understand, so they’re accessible to everyone – no matter your meteorological background!

Learn About Weather with a Weather Map

One of the best things about our Weather Academy is that our meteorologists teach using a weather map. That means that when they’re talking about a concept, you can also see it play out on the screen.

While you certainly don’t need our weather map to make use of these courses, having Sferic Maps certainly helps! That way you can access all the layers our meteorologists are talking about like radar, NWS alerts, and tropical storms.

Sferic Maps weather visualization software weather ap showing tropical storm barry

Mark continued, “Our clients who enroll in the Earth Networks Weather Academy can harness the power of Sferic Maps to understand when, where, and how severe weather may threaten their organization.”

You can also beef up your basic weather knowledge while taking the course with our Weather 101 written resources.

The Easiest Way to Learn About Weather

The Earth Networks Weather Academy is hands-down the easiest way to learn about weather.

Not only can you learn from the comfort of your own home or workplace, but it’s completely free.

Ready to become a weather expert? Start the free course today!