Lightning Strikes in India: 76 People Killed

Tragedy strikes in India as lightning kills 76 people

One of the biggest killers in India is one of the most common phenomena. Lightning is the most dangerous and damaging weather event through India’s 28 states and eight Union territories. Steve Prinzivalli, Program Manager of Meteorological Operations at Earth Networks, investigated the tragic case in India on July 11, 2021 in which 76 people were killed while watching storms near Jaipur city, the capital of Rajasthan in northern India. Unfortunately, many of those killed were in watch towers near the famous 12th-century Amer Fort, taking photos while the storms arrived. After examining the Earth Networks Global Lightning Network (ENGLN) detection within a 10-mile radius around Jaipur, Prinzivalli gathered the following results regarding the number of lightning pulses detected at the time of the tragedy:

Latitude: 26.9124° N
Longitude: 75.7873° E
Radius: 10 miles
ENTLN pulses detected: 3,567

Earth Networks Total Lightning Network detected 3,567 lightning pulses in a 10-mile radius around Jaipur at the time of the deadly lightning strikes.

A wide view of the lightning pulses in a 10-mile radius of Jaipur, via Google Earth.
A zoomed-in view of the lightning pulses in Jaipur, via Google Earth.

Increasing Lightning Safety Solutions in India

Early warning systems for lightning in India is an imperative solution for saving lives. Not only does lightning kill thousands of people in India yearly, but it also costs even more in damages. Deaths, injuries, and damages from lightning are preventable through a nationwide early warning system.

Earth Networks’ Early Warning Systems for Lightning in India Technology Guide will help you recognize what features to look for when choosing a solution and how some areas are already making a difference with advanced lightning alert systems. We hope to continue expanding coverage in India to help save lives and prevent lightning deaths, with increased detection and alerting capabilities.

In this guide, learn how comprehensive lightning alerts:

1. Save Lives
2. Reduce Injuries
3. Minimize Property Damage

In the Early Warning Systems for Lightning in India Technology Guide, we discuss the following topics:

  • India’s Nationwide Lightning Problem
    1. Increasing Events
    2. Outdoor Work Force
    3. Lack of Existing Alerting Systems
  • Lightning Alert Systems
    1. Total Lightning Detection
    2. Alerts that Increase Lead Times
    3. Mass Notification Capabilities
  • Early Warning Systems in Action
    1. How Odisha Decreased Lightning Deaths by 31%


Preview the guide below:














Please follow and share the following tips to help increase lightning safety awareness:

2020 South Asia Lightning Report

Understanding how lightning contributes to the impacts of severe weather is important in saving lives and infrastructure through advanced warning. Earth Networks Total Lightning Network constantly detects and records lightning and severe weather events in advance, alerting populations with a severe weather alert up to 50% faster than other sources.

In our 2020 South Asia Lightning Report, we take a closer look at the lightning data behind the extreme weather events that happened across South Asia in 2020, including India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

The complete 2020 South Asia Lightning Report includes:

  • An overview of total lightning activity in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh during 2020
  • Lightning density maps of South Asia
  • An overview of how lightning played a role in 2020’s severe weather events across the countries


You can preview the 2020 South Asia Lightning Report below:


🌏 Take a look at interactive lightning maps for each South Asian country below:


Earth Networks’ location accuracy for lightning detection is top-tier. Early warning systems for lightning detection can prevent these tragic deaths in India. As it stands, Earth Networks continues to support and provide India with severe weather and lightning safety solutions. Earth Networks operates a nationwide lightning detection network in India, and we aim to increase distribution of lightning information to minimize lightning deaths and tragedies. To learn more about our lightning detection network, take a look at our Lightning Tracker information.


Our mission is to provide weather data insights that drive critical action. To learn more about Earth Networks’ weather safety solutions, including global coverage, feel free to contact us below.

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