Meet Our Meteorologists: Chad Merrill

  • Oct 22, 2018

Earth Networks Senior Meteorologist, Chad Merrill, runs a lot of different programs for our Meteorological Operations Team. Since joining Earth Networks in 2007, Chad has hit the ground running on a number of different projects that are integral to our mission.

Keep reading to learn more about Chad and if you’ve worked with Chad before, please leave any stories or comments in the section below.

How Chad Merrill Got Started 

Chad is a both a long-time Earth Networks employee and a long-time meteorologist. While Chad has been a meteorologist for 16 years, he’s been interested in the weather since he was a child. He blames that on growing up in western Maryland.

“I was always concerned why so much snow accumulation would occur 5-15 miles west of where I lived with my parents when we only saw flurries and dustings.”

Really, Chad was just your average kid dreaming of a snow day. Unlike your average kid, however, Chad turned his interest in his region’s variable weather patterns into an exciting career. Chad still likes forecasting snow accumulation and winter storms the most.

A Day In The Life

You may think being a meteorologist is an easy task, but that’s far from the truth. Our meteorologists here at Earth Networks are multitasking experts. Chad is no exception. In his position here, he performs a number of critical functions, including:

  • Providing forecast support for clients
  • Producing seasonal outlooks
  • Writing stories
  • Troubleshooting and calibrating weather sensor data for our hyperlocal weather network


With all of these duties, it’s no wonder that there is no “typical day” in the lives of our meteorologists. First and foremost, Chad is concerned with our clients. When he gets into the office, he tries to identify any current or possible weather threats for the organizations we work with. Then he analyzes current and forecast model data to help provide updates when necessary.

Another big part of our team is collaboration. Since we provide support 24/7, Chad works closely with a small team of Earth Networks meteorologists so the client is always backed by experts who know the current weather situation. This can get complicated when the client has multiple locations around the globe or when an extreme weather event is going on, but that’s part of the fun.

Depending on the day, Chad also writes stories on major weather systems impacting the U.S. You may have seen some of his work on our blog before! He does an excellent job at balancing all of these responsibilities as well as other issues that may arise for the team.

Providing Real Value

You can go on lots of different websites and read about the benefits of trusting meteorologists when it comes to weather-related decisions. It’s not surprise that our clients value the ability to ask questions and talk to a real person when severe weather threatens their operations.

One organization that reaps the benefits of meteorological support is Regan National Airport. Chad works closely with account and is their trusted weather expert. Each year, he provides a detailed winter outlook and presents it at their annual symposium. The first time Chad visited this presentation turned into a hands-on learning experience. When folks from the airport asked a question about our weather visualization software, Chad rolled up sleeves and helped them set up various views to help them monitor the weather in their area.

“They were appreciative that I took time out of my day to present a general winter outlook overview, provide historical winter data from the airport to their team, and that I was able to help them get more value out of our weather map.”

More About Chad And Our Meteorologists

We know how Chad got interested in the weather, but why is he still a meteorologist to this day? According to Chad, making a difference in the lives of our clients makes it all worth it.

“When a client goes out of their way to express thanks on a forecast that helped them make an informed decision that saved them money,” is Chad’s favorite part about being a meteorologist. Not only does Chad’s input help our clients save money, but it also helps optimize operations and keep people safe.

Not everyone gets to go to work every day and make a difference. And while Chad’s various responsibilities change every day, his ability to help others does not.

It’s not all snow and forecasting for Chad, though. In his free time, Chad Merrill is an avid runner. If you think racing a meteorologist sounds like fun, Chad’s your guy.

If running isn’t your thing, Chad also enjoys biking and working out in general. Our meteorologists are a really active bunch! So far, we’ve profiled two other meteorologists who are self-proclaimed basketball and roller hockey MVPs. Stay tuned to see if we start an Earth Networks Olympics!

When he’s not working on the weather or working out, you might be able to find Chad watching his favorite movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.