New Feature: Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) Forecast

Earth Networks announces a new Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) Forecast feature to improve heat safety. Learn how to use WBGT effectively to reduce injuries and avoid heat stress illness. 


Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) is a measure of heat stress in direct sunlight, which is crucial for athletes, students, and people participating in outdoor activities or exercise. Monitoring WBGT helps reduce heat stress illness, and injuries. Earth Networks just added a new feature, WBGT Forecast, which makes it even easier to plan for and respond to high heat conditions.


The Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) Forecast displays a daily and hourly forecast value for WBGT at your weather station’s location, in the Online Weather Center (OWC).


Your community, employees, and visitors will now be able to view the WBGT forecast high for the current day, and the following 5 days. This new forecasting capability is beneficial for planning outdoor activities safely. The WBGT Forecast is available to Earth Networks customers subscribing to heat safety packages.

Where to find the WBGT Forecast

How do you find the new feature? Watch our explainer video below or keep reading to find out.


How does the new WBGT Forecast work?

When enabled, the WBGT Forecast is available in the Online Weather Center, and is accessible via Sferic Maps, which provides real-time weather alerts and storm tracking.

















The Online Weather Center now shows the WBGT Forecast for Suncoast High School in Riviera Beach, FL.


















The Hourly Forecast pictured above shows the WBGT Forecast for Suncoast High School.

Who should be monitoring WBGT?

WBGT is the gold standard for heat stress management, which is why Earth Networks offers Heat Safety Packages which include WBGT monitoring and alerting. The WBGT Forecast feature now enables the ability to plan outdoor activities and heat stress accommodations to avoid the hottest days or hours of the day.

  1. Schools can use WBGT forecasts to help maintain compliance with state heat safety regulations for student athletes. The WBGT forecast indicates when the WBGT surpasses the maximum heat stress levels that are safe for outdoor practice and games.
  2. Sports Complexes and Parks can be sure to keep organized athletic practices, games, players and spectators safe.
  3. Airports can avoid heat illness for crew working outdoors in ground operations activities such as baggage handling, catering, marshaling, and maintenance.
  4. Companies can maintain compliance with OSHA’s OSH Act, keeping outdoor workers in loading docks, logistics, transportation and maintenance out of danger.
  5. Military Bases and Installations can keep those participating in training, operations and events safe.
  6. Any Organization With Outdoor Activities will know when conditions permit outdoor exertion, which is essential for worker safety and the operational regulations for organizations, businesses, and facilities.

What can you do with the WGBT Forecast?

Use the new WBGT Forecast to plan your outdoor activities. You don’t have to wait until conditions are dangerous to take action. WGBT is your new proactive heat safety management tool.

  • Reschedule athletic practice to a cooler time/date
  • Move activities indoors
  • Plan extra rest and hydration breaks
  • Modify conditioning drills or exercises to be less strenuous
  • Remove pads and other athletic clothing


To see the new WBGT forecast in action, click here.

Palm Beach County Implements Earth Networks’ WBGT Forecast for Heat Safety

An illustration of a school campus showing the five factors that go into calculating wet bulb globe temperature: Temperature, sun angle, cloud cover, wind speed, and humidity.

Wet bulb globe temperature is at the core of every effective heat stress management policy in place to protect student athletes. Palm Beach County Schools recently upgraded their severe weather systems to include Earth Networks weather stations with WBGT monitoring, alerting, and forecasting.

Fred Cahill, Safety Technician for the Palm Beach County School District, announced that the Palm Beach school district is now fully compliant with the Zach Martin Act of Florida, which regulates Heat Stress Monitoring, Hydration, and Cooling Zones for student athletes. The addition of the new WBGT forecast feature in Palm Beach County will allow increased monitoring of WBGT for heat stress precautions.

If you’re interested in protecting your organization from dangerous heat conditions with WBGT, we are ready to help!

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Earth Networks’ Heat Safety Package

We can help keep any organization safe with our Earth Networks heat safety packages, which now include WBGT Forecast. Heat stress safety is critical for protecting athletes, employees, and visitors from the heat. We will show you how to implement a comprehensive heat stress safety plan with the most advanced wet bulb globe temperature technology and automated mass alerts.

Heat Stress Management Webinar

We take weather safety very seriously, and are continuously introducing new ways to make your job easier. For heat safety, there is no better way than with WBGT. But, don’t take our word for it. Listen to one of the most important voices in heat stress management– The Korey Stringer Institute (KSI).

The Korey Stringer Institute is the industry-leader for research, education, advocacy, and consultation to promote safety and prevent sudden death in student athletes.

Our joint webinar with the Korey Stringer Institute was an extremely informative presentation. KSI CEO Dr. Douglas Casa and Associate Director of Sports Safety Mike Szymanski explained heat stress management best practices and how to implement them at your facility.

We recorded the webinar so you can see it on your own time. Watching this webinar could be the difference between life and death for your student athletes. Click the button below to watch!