Download Our Latest Parks and Recreation Report for the First Time Here

What’s going on in the world of parks and recreation? Stop wondering and listen to your peers in our easy-to-read parks and recreation report.

Our Parks and Recreation Report: What’s Inside

Thanks to the input of your peers, our survey asked questions with actionable answers. Once you read through our report, you’ll have key insights that will help you plan for 2018 and beyond. Some of the most important areas you’ll want to read about include:

  • Current and projected top industry challenges
  • The largest focus areas for the industry
  • The top threats to park operations



This report is full of simple graphics, quotes, and action items to help set you up for a successful second half of 2018. It’s a quick read that you can keep with you to pull up whenever you start working on related projects.

Take a Guess

Do you know what the top environment initiative is according to the folks that took our survey?

It was a close call between the first and second place focus areas. Do a little thinking and tweet out your guess. Then download the report to see if you were close!

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More About the Report

This year, nearly 200 professionals offered their feedback for our report. These parks and recreation industry leaders come from departments of different sizes located throughout the United States. There was also a large variety of facility types. For example, while most respondents managed facilities with parks and playgrounds, there were others who operated winter sports resorts and pools.

We conducted this report after noticing a growing nationwide focus on advancing parks, recreation, and environmental conservation efforts. Our goal is that this report will offer readers identify best practices and recommendations to improve focus areas like sustainability, safety, and professional development.

Thank You! 

We’d love to wrap this blog post up by saying thank you to all the professionals who took part in this survey. We have a wide network of parks and recreation professionals who not only took the survey, but helped up write questions that would be actionable for all of you. We want to thank all of our friends in the industry!

If you download the report, please let us know what you think about our findings in the comments below. Did some findings surprise you? What’s the most helpful insight you gathered? We’d love to know!

If you’d like to write a commentary piece about the survey for our blog, let us know in the comments section as well.