Meet the Earth Networks Field Technicians: Jonathan King

  • Feb 20, 2018

We Love Our Field Techs

You’ve probably heard all the buzz about our unbelievable field technicians here at Earth Networks. But if you haven’t, we’ll fill you in. Our field technicians are all of the following:

  • Industry experts
  • Hardworking
  • Helpful
  • And fun!


That’s why we’ve crafted our latest blog series around them. So far, readers have met Bill Angel, Charles Blackburn, and Edward Drummond. There are plenty more to come! This week, read through to learn all about Jonathan King.

Meet Jonathan King

Jonathan King has been working for Earth Networks for nearly 12 years. As a seasoned Field Technician, he’s in charge of maintaining his network of weather stations and cameras for many of our media partners. His territory covers his home state of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Like a lot of our other Field Techs, as we lovingly refer to them, Jonathan enjoys traveling for work. “I like to be outdoors and see new areas,” Jonathan said. Traveling to different sites can often be fun and exciting. He loves to install equipment in rural areas. “Utah is probably one of my favorite installs.”

Besides installing and maintaining our weather, lightning, and camera networks, Jonathan is also tasked with providing technical support to our customers. “I talk to our customers before, during, and after install most of the time. We have to work with multiple people and departments. After an install we show them how to use the station and answer questions that come up after we leave.” The relationships between our Field Techs like Jonathan and our customers are critical.

A Day in the Life

Since travel is a constant, a typical day in the life of Jonathan is always different. His daily tasks really depend on what he’s working on and where he’s working at. “If home, its working on my cities’ networks of stations and my media partner issues.” On a typical day at home, you can find Jonathan making appointments and visiting locations as well. “If I’m on the road, it can be a lot of driving mixed with a lot of work.” Plus he’ll have to drive home again!

On days off, Jonathan enjoys the outdoors and nature by visiting the desert. “There’s so much to see and it’s easy to get away from civilization any time you want.” He enjoys outdoors activities like off-roading, exploring, and camping.

Another thing Jonathan enjoys in his free time is metal detecting. His self-proclaimed “quirky” hobby has led to some very interesting discoveries over the years. His oldest find? A Barber Dime.

Thank You, Field Techs! 

Everyone here at Earth Networks really appreciates all of the hard work our field technicians do for our customers on a daily basis. We know our customers do, too. If you’re an Earth Networks customer that works with Jonathan or just a friend, please share any great stories about him in the comments below!

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