Meet the Earth Networks Field Technicians: Mike Trammell

  • Feb 27, 2018

Meet the Field Techs Continues!

Readers can continue to get to know our fabulous team of Field Technicians with this week’s post on Mike Trammell. For two and a half years, Mike has been an integral member of the Earth Networks Field Tech team. Based out out the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas, Mike also works in parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and other nearby states.

As a Field Technician here at Earth Networks, Mike maintains and installs our weather stations, camera network, Outdoor Alerting Systems, and lightning detection hardware. He works directly with both new and old customers to advise them on equipment installs and resolve any technical issues they may have. Mike, along with the other Field Techs, answers a lot of questions and takes care of any concerns for organizations after they purchase hardware and/or services from Earth Networks.

A Day in the Life

Every day is different for the members of our Field Tech team. “As a field tech, you learn very quickly that each day is different than the last when it comes to the details of  the job.” As a general rule, each morning Mike checks to see if there are any installs assigned to him. Installs are always a priority to the team, as a bigger network helps improve the quality of our hardware and services for all customers.

Since Mike spends a lot of time on the road, he makes a rough schedule of the areas that need attention and gets on the road quick. He fixes a lot of problems, like restoring equipment to the network and addressing customer concerns. He follows up throughout the day with customers by email and phone calls regarding installs, site visits, and questions. At the end of the evening, he documents the day’s activities and updates customers accounts. This helps keep everything organized so Mike can start on the next day!

The Best Part About Being a Field Tech is…

Mike insists that the best part about being a field tech is the freedom. While it can be challenging to make decisions and judgement calls in the best interest of the company and the customer, it’s also rewarding. He enjoys the balance between the freedom of working on the road and responsibility of helping customers.

“I’ve always enjoyed working on technical problems – building things and making them work again,” says Mike. Good thing that’s exactly what a Field Tech at Earth Networks does on a daily basis! Of course, Mike’s favorite installs are at locations where he can park his van close to where they’re placing the system. That way, he doesn’t have to carry our equipment too far (you would be surprised how heavy weather stations can be!)

Like other members of the team, Mike also enjoys the fact that he’s always on the road and “never in one place too long.” The variety of jobs and challenges while being outdoors also make this job so perfect for Mike’s personality. When Mike finishes an install or a technical call, he feels accomplished. “It’s a very unique and fulfilling club to be a part of.”

Mike’s expert advice is included in our Sferic Protect severe weather safety package. You can learn more about it by following the link below.

Learn About Sferic Protect

Earth Network Field Tech Support

Mike explains that every customer he works with understands that he is always available to fix their technical issues by phone, email, or site visit. Over his time here, Mike’s built great working relationships with dozens of Earth Networks customers by being their direct line for troubleshooting and questions. “It’s personally rewarding to bring a resolution to customer problems whether simple or complex.”

Mike never backs down from a challenge, either. “I welcome challenges that stretch my knowledge and understanding of the Earth Networks equipment, both hardware and software.”

When asked about a time he positively impacted a customer, Mike had this to say: “Being from Texas, y’all would think I’m bragging if I told a story, so I’ll just say I believe I impact all my customers in a positive way and leave it at that.” We love a coworker who can make us laugh!

Mike Outside of Work

Outside of being a Field Technician at Earth Networks, Mike is an aspiring rock star. He loves to play the guitar and jam with his friends in his garage. “I want to be a rock star when I grow up.”

Mike also loves spending time with his family and loved ones, who always come first. He and his wife, Amy, like to cook together on the weekends and come up with new recipes for the week.

Mike also loves being outdoors, which is a common interest for most of our Field Technicians we’ve interviewed so far. “If I’m not in my shop building or fixing something, I’m working on my home’s landscape or planting a garden.” He’s also a big fan of mowing the lawn. “I have solved many of life’s problems while mindlessly going round and round on my riding mower.”

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