Meet the Earth Networks Field Technicians: Scott Macone

  • Mar 06, 2018

The Earth Networks Field Technician Team is one of the best in the business. With dozens of experts scattered throughout the United States, our team is committed to installing and maintaining our advanced weather, lightning, and greenhouse gas equipment as well as educating and training customers. Their hard work enables us to keep people safe throughout the country and the world. We couldn’t operate the world’s largest weather and lightning networks without them.

Our Field Techs are more than just the cogs that keep our weather machine spinning. They’re truly great people that we are lucky to work with and our customers are lucky to deal with. As the frontline face of the company in the field, our Field Technicians have a very important job. This week, we’re highlighting Earth Networks Field Technician Scott Macone.

Scott Macone

As a Field Tech for Earth Networks, Scott installs and maintains our weather stations, cameras, and life-saving Outdoor Alerting Systems. He also configures devices and repairs and replaces any faulty equipment. Even though Scott has a challenging job, he always maintains a positive attitude when assisting or teaching customers about their Earth Networks equipment.

In July, Scott will celebrate four years of providing A+ service at Earth Networks. Scott covers South Florida, which basically consists of anything south of Orlando. This is a key area for our weather and lightning services, as South Florida has almost daily thunderstorms and normally sees the worst of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Last year, Scott had to deal with Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

However, it’s not all thunderstorms and cloudy skies. Scott loves working in the West Palm Beach area. “It is a nice area that has exclusive golf courses and gorgeous beaches. The best part about being a Field Technician is all the cool places we get to work. I have worked in MLB stadiums, golf courses, beaches, and theme parks.” That sounds better than an office to us!

Critical Installs

When asked to describe a time that he positively impacted a customer, Scott immediately thought of an install at Kensington Golf & Country Club. “The Director of Golf was extremely grateful, as they previously had a ThorGuard system. Two weeks prior, a lightning strike hit the course a cratered a 10-ft hole in the ground. During that incident, ThorGuard did not even send an alert. The course could not have been happier with their upgrade to Earth Networks.”

You can learn more about the difference between lightning prediction systems like ThorGuard and lightning detection networks like Earth Networks by downloading our OAS Buying Guide below.

Outdoor Alerting Buying Guide

Each day is a bit different in the life of an Earth Networks Field Technician. Once Scott figures out where he’s headed in the morning, he arrives on-site and meets with the customer. Depending if it is a maintenance visit or an installation, he completes the work, tests the equipment to ensure it’s working properly, and then follows up with the customer to see if there is anything additional he can help with. Our maintenance crew maintains an open line of communication with clients to ensure that our systems are always working properly and that all client questions are answered promptly.

More About Scott

Scott is more than just a Field Tech. A Concord, Massachusetts native, Scott is a huge New England sports fan. He roots for the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics. He also enjoys staying active himself. He plays pick-up soccer in his free time and recently ran a Spartan Race.

It’s not all sports, though. Like much of the Earth Networks Field Technician family, Scott is also a foodie. “I love having a good steak.” Scott also spends a lot of time with his family.

If you’ve ever worked with Scott before or have a great story to tell, please let us know in the comments below. This blog series is a continued effort to thank our wonderful Field Techs for all the hard work they do and the wonderful relationships they maintain with our customers.

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  1. With all of the experts out there, Scott is by far my favorite. I don’t often make public declarations like this but he was a joy to work with on our project and even more fun to speak with when he had a moment to breathe and relax. I’m going to request him if we ever need more work done.

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