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  • Mar 27, 2018

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In 2018, Parks & Recreation professionals have a lot to worry about. As we move along further into the 21st century, threats to the industry and changing faster than a lightning strike. Gone are the simple days when parks & recreation professionals only had to worry about graffiti or resources. Now you can add on issues like:

  • Sustainability
  • Climate change
  • Funding
  • and more


Where do you stand in 2018? Please participate in our 2018 State of Parks & Recreation Report by filling out our short survey. Your insights will help us create actionable data for your organization and others around the country so you can be more successful in 2018.

Parks & Recreation and Severe Weather

One thing the Parks & Recreation industry has always had to deal with is severe weather. Lightning, flooding, and wildfires have never mixed well with outdoor recreation facilities. Lightning can strike and kill visitors in an instant. Not to mention, severe temperatures can put athletes at increased risk for heat stroke or hypothermia. The list of possible dangerous weather impacts is nearly endless, and parks & recreation departments are starting to take notice.

Not only are these conditions dangerous to humans, but they can damage outdoor recreation facilities. This can be very costly. According to government officials in Monroe County, Florida, Hurricane Irma caused $9.8 million in damages to parks & recreation facilities in that county alone.


How We Help

Earth Networks is a leading global provider of advanced weather observation, alerting, data services and software as a service (SaaS) applications. We help organizations mitigate financial, operational and human risk by providing environmental intelligence from the world’s largest hyperlocal weather network.

Lee County Parks & Recreation Department is one of many taking advantage of weather intelligence solutions. After a lightning tragedy in 2012 where an 11-year old boy was struck and killed, Lee County decided to take action. Now, they employ Earth Networks various solutions like Outdoor Alerting Systems throughout the Parks & Recreation facilities and schools to make sure everyone in the area is protected from Florida’s severe weather.

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