Meet the Earth Networks Field Technicians: Adam Sherrer

  • Feb 23, 2018

We Love Our Field Techs

The Earth Networks Field Technician team is one of the best in the business. Full of dedicated professionals around the world, our team is the best at keeping customers safe from severe weather year after year.

Our team of hardworking techs provides organizations and governments with unparalleled customer service and technical insight. That way, our products and services are always running smoothly and all questions are answered.

Adam Sherrer

Continuing our “Meet the Field Techs” series, today you’ll have a chance to meet Adam Sherrer. As a field technician here at Earth Networks, Adam covers the southeastern portion of the United States. There, he does installs and manages the Atlanta Urbanet system. Besides maintaining weather and lightning stations and sensors, Adam also maintains a few of our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) stations.

A lot of organizations don’t realize the we here at Earth Networks have a GHG network. If you’d like to learn more about this important endeavor we’ve embarked upon with Scripps Institute of Oceanography, please visit our network page.

Adam’s been with Earth Networks for three years now and says his favorite part of the job is that no two days are alike. “Even similar installations wind up being different.” Like our other technicians interviewed so far, Adam enjoys traveling for work and calls it a “big plus.”

A Day in the Life

Every day is different for Earth Networks Field Techs. On days where Adam is not doing an installation, he wakes up early enough to get out ahead of the traffic and look at his Urbanet stats. This is how Adam manages any outages or maintenance issues. After studying any problems, he’ll plan a route to visit those sites and fix their problems. These issues range from clogged rain gauges to updating older equipment.

A day where Adam does an installation is a bit different. First, he checks out of the hotel and drives to the site. Then he determines where and how to install the equipment (if not already discussed).

What’s an installation like? “The actual installation involves a lot of ladders, roofs, and drilling” If everything hooks up with the client’s network, then Adam is good to go. Often, the drive home takes significantly longer than the install did!

A Foodie and Sports Fan

When he’s not installing sensors or stations, you can find Adam watching the game with local food. “I love watching sports. I’m a huge Alabama and Atlanta Braves fan. I also consider myself a foodie.” Adam loves that he has been fortunate enough to try food from hundreds of different local restaurants in the Southeast because of the nature of his job.

If you’ve ever worked with Adam before or know him on a personal level, please leave a note for him in the comments below. If you’re a new Earth Networks customer in the Southeast region and haven’t met Adam yet, get ready to suggest some great local restaurants for after your install! It’s important to note that now with our new Sferic Protect package, included maintenance from team members like Adam is included for the length of your subscription. You can learn more about that below.

Learn About Sferic Protect

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