Meet the Field Technicians: Edward Drummond

  • Jan 30, 2018

This week, we sat down with Earth Networks Field Technician Edward Drummond to learn more about him and his daily impact on the Earth Networks community. Edward has been with Earth Networks for nearly 12 years now and covers the South Texas area.

In his position as an Earth Networks Field Technician, Edward installs and maintains various weather-related equipment. These solutions range from observational weather stations to severe weather alerting systems. “Every day we are either installing or maintaining the networks. Sprinkle in a little technical support and you have an EN Field Tech.”

Bringing Weather Data Back

It’s almost funny how severe weather can damage equipment designed to protect people from it! That’s why our field technician crew is so important. Not only do they initially install weather stations, lightning sensors, and Outdoor Alerting Systems, but they are responsible for getting them back online. Edward especially loves maintenance trips where he can successfully get a station back online. “Usually when we can get a  station operations that has been down a long time we can renew interest in our services from the location.”

Sometimes, Ed can even bring weather data back without visiting a site. This saves time not only for him but for the customer as well. “If a site has a good contact that is willing to work with us over the phone, we can sometimes get a station back online without having to drive to the location.” It’s clear just how important the relationship between our field techs and are customers is. With Sferic Protect, our latest subscription service, team members like Edward will play an even more important role in keeping equipment operational and customers safe.

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Who Is Edward, Really?

Growing up, Edward was a self-proclaimed “military brat,” who got to travel the country with his family and live in many different places. It’s no wonder that his favorite part of the job is the ability to be out on the road every day instead of in an office (as long as it’s over 50 degrees!)

His favorite part about traveling was getting to pick up different cultures and try a lot of ethnic cuisine. If you ever want to grab a bite to eat with Edward, his favorite foods are Thai and Turkish. When he’s not “eating everything,” you can catch him in front of the TV watching the Steelers, Penguins, or Rockets.

Our *Oldest* Field Tech

When the field technician crew gets together, they always celebrate Edward’s birthday. Without fail. Every time they go out. Last time Ed was at headquarters, he must have aged 10 years!

Edward at his birthday celebration at Mexican Restaurant near headquarters in Maryland.

Know Edward?

If you’ve had a great experience with Edward that you’d like to tell us about, please let us know in the comments below. Everyone in the Earth Networks family is lucky to have Ed as a coworker and we all appreciate the service he provides our customers.